How is Premier Energy Empowering The Education Sector?

Premier Group has a prosperous business in China, Hong Kong, UK, Dubai and Pakistan, but the love of the motherland inspirited Premier Group to establish Premier Energy in Pakistan almost a decade ago. Premier Energy has always put mission over profit, and it has been the reason for our flourishing endeavor in Pakistan. Today Premier Energy has successfully installed more than 2500 projects all over Pakistan with an ever-increasing network of clientele. Our mission is to,

“Make Pakistan energy independent by making the best solar products available to people of Pakistan at the most affordable prices so we all can join our efforts to achieve a cleaner, greener Pakistan.”

Our Vision

  • To evolve the energy sector of Pakistan
  • To empower all sectors to a clean, safe, reliable, and robust energy system
  • To conserve our energy resources and ensure a bright future for our generations
  • To become the business leader by modernizing the pattern of energy utilization

How is Premier Energy Empowering THE Education Sector?

Premier Energy stepped into the market to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan and to provide a promising future to the next generations. The other way to ensure that our coming generations have a bright future is to provide them with quality education and to ensure there is no hurdle that stands on the road to a better tomorrow. Pakistan has been suffering from a number of crises since the day this country came into being. Lack of education and insufficient power generation has crippled the country’s youth and industrial capacity. Because of the close link between the two problems and their solution, Premier Energy has helped the industries take control of energy production and become energy independent.

Premier Energy has helped some of the industry leaders in the education sector to get rid of high electricity bills by utilizing energy from the Sun and provide the best learning environment to their students. Our turnkey Solar Solutions are self-driven and require very low maintenance so they are not a hassle and even if a problem occurs, we also offer a year of free of cost after-sales services. Premier’s solar power systems provide exceptional savings so the authorities can utilize the saved money to provide more facilities to the students and thus education sector in Pakistan can thrive. Premier Energy is recognized by the State Bank of Pakistan for its solar financing scheme and has the authorization to deal in all the categories of Financing. We also handle all the processes from loan application to attainment. Our Net-Metering services ensure that our clients get their net meters as swiftly as possible which has earned us the V1 net metering certificate.

Apart from getting financing from the bank, we ensure that our clients get the best quality and for this purpose, we use only the best products from the tier-one suppliers from the international market. We use products like;

For Solar Panels
For Solar Inverters

On-grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan
Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Our Major Education Sector Projects

We have accomplished many projects in the education industry. The brief details of some of our Projects are as follows:

University Of Central Punjab, Lahore – 0.5 Mw

UCP is one of the top names in the education sector, especially among the universities in Lahore. Premier Energy has installed the first solar panel power plant at the University of Central Punjab, making the university independent in its energy production and helping the university get rid of the increasing bill prices and energy crises.

Energy Produced Annually

710 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

392 Tons

Fast National University, Islamabad – 260 Kw

FAST NUCES is one of the most recognized universities in all over Pakistan. When Islamabad campus of FAST decided to switch to solar, they trusted upon our services. Premier Energy is proud to have provided them with our solar solutions that will assist them in combating their electricity issues and rising bill prices. Because of the superior solution we offered, FAST has always been our happy client.

Energy Produced Annually

380 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

238 Tons

Crescent Group, Lahore – 280 Kw

When it comes to schools and colleges, Crescent group has a strong legacy of being the leading educational institute that focuses on both the curricular and co-curricular activities. Being a future-oriented educational institute, Crescent Group is among the few schools that run on solar and to turn their thought into reality, they chose the right company for the job. Premier Energy utilized all of the resources and expertise to provide the institute with tailored solar solution needed for their organization to grow.

Energy Produced Annually

408 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

255 Tons

Punjab College, Burewala – 192 Kw

Like UCP, Punjab College, with the most branches in the whole Punjab, is the largest network of colleges in Pakistan. Premier Energy has installed the first solar panel system installed at any Punjab College campus. The 192 kW solar system at Punjab College Burewala is another example of the unwavering trust the giants in Pakistan’s educational sector have in our services and the solutions we offer.

Energy Produced Annually

280 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

175 Tons

Some of other projects in Education sector include but are not limited to;

Cadet College, Okara – 85 Kw

Energy Produced Annually

118 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

65 Tons

Army Public School, Sargodha – 25 Kw

Energy Produced Annually

37 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

20 Tons

Scarsdale School, Lahore – 32 Kw

Energy Produced Annually

49 Mwh

Carbon Footprints Reduction

27 Tons

Premier Energy for Your Industrial Solution

Premier Energy established some of the biggest projects in the education sector so far, but it

does not mean that we only focus on this sector. We have achieved many feats in other industrial sectors as well. We provide customized solar solutions according to each industry’s personal needs. It is the perfect time to get your solar system installed and take your business to new heights.

Ring us and our solar experts will have a meeting with you to assist in making one of the most profitable investments of your life that will benefit your business and you for many years to come.

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