Agriculture Solar Solutions

Agriculture Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Agriculture sector is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy and the country is largely dependent upon it. A vast majority of population is directly or indirectly belonged to agricultural production. The country is dealing with energy crisis that results in frequent and extensive load shedding hours in the rural areas. In such case, it is quite challenging for the farmers to run their tube wells which is a primary requisite of this sector. The solar powered solutions are adding convenience to our lives and this sector doesn’t have a different story. Agriculture solar solutions in Pakistan have been introduced to bring ease for our famers. As irrigation of fertile land has always been their primary concern, the main two solar solutions are directly linked to it.

Solar Tube Wells in Pakistan

Premier Energy is accredited for introducing the trend of Solar Tubewells in Pakistan. These tube wells irrigate crops and fields on time without any interruption caused by power supply shortage. By lesser dependency on grid power, they don’t need to worry about the increased electricity prices. The electricity billing for their agricultural needs will eventually turn into zero after the installation of solar powered tube wells. The solar tubewell is a cost effective, long-term solution for farmers with a one-time investment at reasonable price. Premier Energy provides solar tubewells facility which is highly reliable and guaranteed for an excellent performance. It has gone a step further by offering Easy Financing with cooperation of Zarai Taraqiyati Bank Limited.

  • Easy Financing for Premier Solar Water TubeWells

For farmers who cannot bear the cost of solar water tube wells themselves, Premier Energy has a Special Financing Plan. It has partnered with ZTBL to offer Easy Financing program for Premier’s agriculture solutions on relaxed terms and conditions.

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Solar Water Pumps in Pakistan

In Pakistan, electricity is still not available in some areas which also have many fertile lands. Even where the electricity is available, accessibility of water pumps in fields far across is difficult. Considering this factor, solar water pumps are now being used in the agriculture sector of Pakistan as the best solution. For irrigation needs, these solar water pumps are also suitable for farms and gardens in particular. These solar water pumps are designed in a way to withstand extreme weather situations with their impact resistance.

  • Premier Converts Existing Water Pumps to Solar Energy

For making it even more cost-effective, Premier Energy converts the existing water pumps to solar energy. Though it will cost a bit less but equally good performance efficiency and reliability is guaranteed.  Premier Energy’s Solar Solutions are ranked best in the industry and we maintain the same standards for all sectors.