Solar and LED Solutions

High Electricity Bills?

Premier Energy is illuminating lives through a diversified range of products and solutions. Be it solar powered solutions or LED lighting solutions, we cater the varied needs of each sector. The high-quality materials and durable designs of our products and solutions ensure longevity and reliability. Complying the global standards, every installation of Premier delivers exceptional performance and adds value as a smart investment choice. As country’s fastest growing renewable energy company, Premier Energy has Eco-friendly solutions in its lineup. Based on advanced technology, all of these are cost-effective, energy efficient and crafted to deliver the best output.

Premier Energy Solar Solutions

High Electricity Bills?

Since its inception, Premier Energy is steadfast to provide clean and resilient renewable energy solutions for all sectors. Our Project Portfolio lists a number of the Solar Solutions across the country in domestic, commercial, industrial and agriculture sector.

  • Residential Solar Solutions

Premier Energy offers comprehensive solar solutions to the domestic clients which can withstand extreme weather and lower electricity billing cost. Customized as per their requirements, our Residential Solar Systems are efficient in producing renewable energy to meet your energy needs.

  • Commerical Solar Solutions

Premier provides state-of-the-art Solar Solutions for Commercial sector units that include hospitals, schools, banks, hotels and office of different companies. Seamlessly installed, these solar systems help their owners to save big in terms of electricity cost.

  • Industrial Solar Solutions

Industrial sector requires sufficient energy and uninterrupted supply to run their units. The solar powered system is the ideal solution in this case which also proves cost-effective alongside being energy efficient. Premier Energy has successfully installed Industrial Solar Solutions for a few biggest names of this sector.

  • Agriculture Solar Solutions

Like any other sector, solar solutions have brought convenience for the farmers as well. Premier Energy provides cost and energy efficient Solar Tubewells for irrigating fields which benefit our farmers for long term.

Aside the aforementioned solutions, Premier Energy also facilitate its clients with net metering solutions to SAVE – GENERATE – EARN from solar power.

Premier LED Lighting Solutions

High Electricity Bills?

LED lights are now integral part of every household, commercial or outdoor space. The energy conservation, pure and soft shaded light, higher reflectivity and modern designs have made them ideal for all sectors.  Based on advanced technology, Premier Energy offers a wide range of LED lighting products which are reliable and guaranteed for performance par excellence. These LED Products are used in different LED lighting solutions as per customized needs and add brightness to the surrounding.

Premier LED Lighting Range

High Electricity Bills?

With pleasing aesthetics and reflectivity up to 95%, Premier LED lights are the best option available in the market.  Their true colors and pure light add more light brightens up the surrounding where they are installed. Above all, Premier LED lights ensure a considerable reduction in the electricity bill and their payback time in less than six months. These LED Lights are used in accordance with their suitability in indoor lighting solutions or outdoor lighting solutions.

  • Premier LED Bulbs
  • Premier LED Tube Lights
  • Premier LED Downlights
  • Premier LED Panel Lamps
  • Premier LED Floodlights
  • Premier LED Spotlights

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