Net Metering

Net Metering in Pakistan

Net metering in Pakistan is relatively a new concept which is highly beneficial for solar system owners. As the country is blessed with ample sunlight, solar panels generate more electricity in the day than our need, this excessive energy will be of no use if net metering compliant solar system has not been installed on your rooftop. But if you have the said facility, you can sell this additional amount of electricity to the grid and can earn electricity units in the monthly bill. Net metering is a new yet legal practice in the country as NEPRA had issued regulations about it a few years back. Whether you are a domestic or commercial consumer, net metering will be equally advantageous.

Net Metering Technology

For net metering, a bi-directional electricity meter is integrated with the hybrid or on-grid solar panels. These Solar Panels must be attached with a three phase electricity connection to inject and offset the excessive energy to the national grid. The units against the amount of energy you sell to the grid will be adjusted in the electricity bill.

Advantages of Net Metering

Free energy produced from solar panels sounds good but saving and earning through these panels is even better.

  • Own Electricity and Control Billing

Net metering not only enables you to produce electricity but also provides a control over billing process. It will regulate your billing and ensure a smart and most efficient use of solar PV panels installed at your place.

  • Easy on the Wallet

For both residential and commercial use, net metering has a reasonable cost which is easy on your wallet. Considering its long-term benefits, net metering is a choice of smart solar users. Whenever you are going to select a solar system for home or office, net metering compliance must be in your mind.

  • Best Utilization of 20% to 40% Output

Through net metered compliant solar system, almost 20% to 40% power output goes to the grid. If there is no net metering, this much amount of energy can be lost without any productive use. That is why net metering is recommended to the solar system owners for bringing more ease to their lives. Such a high ratio will earn more units from the national grid to be balanced in your consumer bill.

Why Premier?

Premier Energy provides complete assistance from preparing net metering application form till successful commissioning through net metering activation. We are authorized by Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) for net metering installations across the country. A number of cases have been registered and completed for net metering systems and total count is one the rise. According to the statistics, Premier Energy has 14% share in total KWs net metered Pakistan which speaks volume. So far it has successfully implemented Net Metered Power Plants in Pakistan in more than 33 cities. Generate electricity, save excessive and earn by selling it back through Premier’s net metered solar solutions.