Longi Solar Panels

Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan

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LONGi accelerates the solar PV industry higher than ever with product advancements and enhanced power-cost proportion with improved monocrystalline technologies. LONGi supplies more than 30GW of high-proficiency solar PV wafers and modules annually, about a fourth of worldwide market demands. LONGi is perceived as the world’s most significant solar innovation organization with the most noteworthy market esteem. Innovation and maintainable development are two of LONGi’s core beliefs.

Features of Longi Solar Panels

Say YES to SOLAR and NO to Conventional Energy

LONGI’s solar Panels have these extraordinary features that make it one of the most cost-effective choices in the market.

  • Multiple power options with the latest technology reaching 520-530 W
  • High efficiency of up to 21.1%
  • Guaranteed positive power tolerance of up to +5W
  • LID Mono PERC technology allows slow degradation over the years
  • Careful module BOM selection ensures Solid PID resistance
  • Lower operating current allows reduced resistive loss
  • The operating temperature is low, so it yields higher energy
  • Optimized electrical design reduces hot spot risks
  • Aesthetic design and compatible for both roof and ground installations
  • Works best for all purposes such as residential, commercial and industrial

Modules of Longi Solar Panels

Say YES to SOLAR and NO to Conventional Energy

Longi produces several variants of modules. They do not differ a lot, however, they have some differences in specifications. The modules are categorized into two basic types which are:


These solar panels have a passive rear side which means that it is made of AI black surface and can produce from the top side of the panel only. The cells have great efficiency however, the energy produced is lesser than a bifacial module.


The bifacial solar panels can produce electricity from both the top and rear sides of the solar panels. The reason is that the rear side is made up of an AI grid or AI fingers, which makes it transparent thus, allowing them to make electricity from the reflected sunlight. The amount of electricity produced depends upon the sunlight reflected from the floor material.

Longi has manufactured many modules that fit the requirements of a wide range of consumers. All the modules are available in bifacial and mono facial categories.


These solar panels are known to have a life span of almost 25-30 years. Longi provides a 12-year warranty for Materials and Processing. They also offer a 25-years warranty for extra Linear Power Output. It does not mean that the solar panel will start having problems after 12 years, the warranty makes the company and the product more credible. With so many other advantages, it is a cherry on top. The long-life span and warranty make Longi’s solar panels very reliable.

LONGI Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

Say YES to SOLAR and NO to Conventional Energy

Longi solar panel price in Pakistan varies based on the model of the module, and its specifications. Longi is working to provide affordable and innovative solar panels to the customers, and so is Premier Energy. This has led to a partnership between these two brands enabling Premier Energy to bring the highly efficient, durable, and reliable solar panels of Longi to Pakistan at a very reasonable price. We provide the best price for Longi solar panels in Pakistan and this allows more customer to solarize their place and contribute to a better future. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need information or our top-notch services. We are available to provide consultation and any other help that you need.

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