Off Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Off Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Best Solar Inverters in Pakistan

An inverter can be explained as the brain of a solar system. The inverter manages the operations converting Direct current obtained from PV cells to Alternating current. The solar panels produce electricity in the form of direct current which cannot be used by the home appliances as they only operate on alternating current (AC). Believed to be the first type of inverters that were designed and manufactured to be used with solar systems, Off-grid inverters are considered to be a pioneer invention in the field of solar panel systems.

What is an off-grid Inverter?

Best Solar Inverters in Pakistan

An off-grid inverter is the kind of inverter that is not connected to the grid and uses a battery bank to store the generated electricity. The name off-grid shows that it is not connected to the grid.

Off Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

How off-grid Inverter Works?

Best Solar Inverters in Pakistan

In an off-grid system, the solar panels generate electricity from solar radiation which is then stored in batteries. These batteries are connected to the home via an inverter. The inverter uses the current stored in the batteries in the form of DC and converts it into alternating currents which can then be used by the home appliances. The battery is used to store excess electricity for a longer period of time so that it can be used when needed either at night or in case of a blackout.


The off-grid inverters are the first kind of inverters ever built and they have their benefits. The latest technology of grid-tie and hybrid inverters have reduced the demand of off-grid immensely, however, it has certain advantages which can never be ignored. The advantages of these inverters are:

Blackouts are not an issue anymore

The off-grid inverters store their generated electricity in battery banks which can be used when needed. Unlike the grid-tie inverters which store their electricity in the utility grid and go out when there is a blackout, these systems keep on working as they have plentiful stored energy.

Reduced electricity costs

When you are generating your electricity and are living off the grid, you can save a lot of money which you used to pay for electricity bills.

Remote Areas

If you are living in rural areas or remote areas that do not have access to the grid easily, having off-grid systems may prove less costly than paying for the extended line. It also allows military operations and other operations in remote areas possible which require electricity and there is no grid available.

Clean Green Environment

The off-grid solar panel system allows the production of clean energy that helps to keep the environment green. They also allow the reduction of carbon footprints in the environment thus affecting overall the climatic and environmental conditions of the earth.


Like everything, off-grid solar inverters also have some disadvantages which urged the manufacturers to invent grid-tie and then hybrid inverters. The disadvantages of these inverters are:

High Installation Cost

The initial cost of installing an off-grid solar inverter system is comparatively higher than an on-grid system as it requires expensive batteries, charge controller systems, and switches to operate in an optimum way.

Complex Installation

The installation of these inverter systems is complex as it requires the connection of batteries, charge controller, and other connections which make it complex to install.

Limited Storage

The storage may prove inadequate if the system is not properly designed as per the requirements of the house. This may lead to a shortage unless the system storage capacity is appropriate. Another con is that the batteries cannot store more current after they are fully charged. The excess current in this case goes to waste.

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Best Solar Inverters in Pakistan

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