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Best Solar Company in Pakistan among Best Solar Companies in Pakistan! Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd, a part of Premier Group UK is an alternative energy solution-providing company with a vast network spread across the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Dubai, and Pakistan and headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland UK. With Solar Energy, LED Lighting, Wind Energy, and Bio-Gas as the areas of expertise; Premier provides international standard energy solutions to corporate and domestic clients in Europe as well as in Pakistan. Premier Energy is one of the very few renewable energy solutions providing companies that have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications along with the world’s best ERP solution SAP B1. We are quality-conscious and customer-focused service, providing turnkey Solutions for a bigger change.

Our Mission

Premier Energy was initiated by Premier Group with only one mission and that is to make Pakistan independent in Energy production by partnering with tier 1 brands to bring quality products at a reasonable and affordable price so more people can afford to adopt renewable energy sources leading to collective growth of the nation and a cleaner, greener Pakistan.

Our Vision
  • To revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan
  • To entitle all sectors to a clean, reliable, and resilient energy system
  • To conserve our energy reserves and ensure a promising future for our generations
  • To become the market leader by transforming the pattern of energy consumption.

The company’s dedicated team, state-of-the-art products & services, and effort for continuous growth and innovation have enabled Premier Energy to become one of the fastest-growing renewable energy companies in Pakistan.

“Illuminating Lives program” for educational institutes under which the company will be providing solar solutions and LED Energy Efficient lighting systems to 198 schools across Pakistan.

“Empowering the Industries Program” under which the company has targeted the industrial sector, converting their entire operations to solar through the installation of Grid-Tied Systems.

“Improving the Living Standard Program” under which the company has targeted Housing Authorities, individual owners, and small businesses entitling them to hassle-free, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Premier Energy was initiated by Premier Group with only one mission and that is to make Pakistan independent in Energy production by partnering with tier 1 brands to bring quality products at a reasonable and affordable price so more people can afford to adopt renewable energy sources leading to collective growth of the nation and a cleaner, greener Pakistan.

Go For Solar With Premier Energy

Solutions We Provide
Residential Solar Solutions

The residential sector has been given a prime focus by Premier Energy for the facilitation of solar systems. For domestic clients, the company offers affordable solar systems that are efficient in performance to cut down their energy costs. Most of them are readily available Hybrid and On-grid turnkey solar solutions of different capacities. However, customized solar solutions are also installed as per the requirement of the client and the energy needs of the home.

Commercial Solar Solutions

The commercial sector entities including corporate buildings, offices, banks, educational institutes, and hospitals have adopted solar solutions at large. Owing to the advantages of solar systems, the trend of such solutions is on the rise rapidly in this sector. Premier Energy has delivered state-of-the-art solar solutions to the commercial sector and received quite positive feedback. Premier Energy’s commercial solar solutions start from 32KW up to 10MW capacity and are provided according to the client’s needs. The top of the list of commercial projects are mentioned below which show a diverse company profile and reliability in particular.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Solar solutions are extremely beneficial for the industrial sector because of the high electricity tariff and power cuts after certain intervals. Several manufacturing industries have switched to solar power plants and the rest are also following in their footsteps. Premier Energy provides 32KW to 10MW grid-tied solar solutions to this sector and has a number of success stories to its credit. Here is a brief of Premier Energy’s tremendous portfolio in the industrial sector that speaks volumes about its reliability.

Agriculture Solar Solutions

The solar powered systems are transforming the agriculture sector with innovative technology for irrigation needs. Solar Tubewells are now common in our rural areas making it possible for farmers to irrigate their fields without power cuts even at distant locations. Premier Energy facilitates farmers with their easily financed solar tube wells and solar water pumps. Such agriculture solutions are appreciated as a welcome addition in this sector and farmers are utilizing this option in larger numbers.

Why Premier Energy?

Why Us?

Premier Energy stepped into the market to make Pakistan independent in the production of clean, green electricity. We have been working to achieve our goal with integrity, hard work, teamwork, and innovation. Besides our goal to achieve collective benefits for the nation of Pakistan, the following reasons make us the Best Solar Company in Pakistan:


We are a certified company authorized by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Working Method

We work round the clock to provide you ease and take on all the responsibilities. We handle all the procedures from net metering applications to the installation of solar systems, so you just sit back, relax, and see things happen in the most proficient manner.

Market Reputation

We have 14% of shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan which is a huge number. We also have completed multiple projects of 1 MW and more capacities as well as smaller residential projects of lesser capacities. It does not matter if your project is big or small, for us, all our customers matter the most.

Our Clientele

Happy clients are proof of how consistent and dependable a service is and by the grace of Almighty, we have a huge number of happy customers which has led us to expand our services to 33 cities. Our clientele includes many residential consumers as well as renowned brands belonging to industrial, commercial, and educational sectors.


Compare the prices and you will find that we offer the finest quality at the most affordable price so more people can afford to go solar.

Employee Training and Development:

Premier Energy places a strong emphasis on cultivating a skilled and knowledgeable workforce through robust training and development initiatives. The company recognizes the dynamic nature of the renewable energy sector and the importance of staying abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends. To achieve this, Premier Energy has implemented comprehensive programs designed to enhance the capabilities of its employees.

Employees at Premier Energy benefit from ongoing training sessions that cover a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from advancements in solar technology to updates on industry regulations. These sessions are conducted by seasoned professionals and experts in the field, ensuring that the team is well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of alternative energy solutions.

Furthermore, Premier Energy is committed to providing certifications to its employees, affirming their expertise and proficiency in specific areas related to renewable energy. These certifications not only validate the skills of the workforce but also contribute to the overall professionalism and credibility of Premier Energy in the industry. Whether it’s specialized training in solar panel installation techniques or certifications in the latest energy-efficient technologies, employees undergo continuous learning to maintain a high standard of excellence.

By investing in the training and development of its employees, Premier Energy not only ensures a competent workforce but also fosters a culture of innovation and adaptability. This commitment to employee growth aligns with the company’s vision of being at the forefront of technological advancements in the renewable energy sector.

Commitment to ESG Principles:

Premier Energy is unwavering in its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles, recognizing the integral role these factors play in shaping a sustainable future. The company’s dedication to ESG goes beyond compliance, reflecting a proactive stance towards responsible business practices.

In terms of environmental sustainability, Premier Energy has implemented initiatives aimed at minimizing its ecological footprint. This includes the integration of eco-friendly practices in manufacturing processes, the adoption of energy-efficient technologies, and a focus on reducing waste. The company is committed to promoting a clean and green environment, aligning its operations with the broader goal of mitigating climate change.

Social responsibility is a core tenet of Premier Energy’s ethos. The company actively engages in initiatives that contribute to the well-being of local communities. This can range from supporting educational programs to collaborating with community development projects. By fostering positive social impacts, Premier Energy strives to be a responsible corporate citizen, creating lasting benefits beyond its business operations.

Governance is a pillar of strength for Premier Energy, with a transparent and ethical framework governing its decision-making processes. The company upholds the highest standards of corporate governance, ensuring accountability, integrity, and fairness in all business dealings. By integrating ESG considerations into its decision-making, Premier Energy establishes a foundation for sustainable growth and responsible business practices.

Project Portfolio

Our extensive product range, seamless installations, and diverse project portfolio have earned us market leader status in no time. Visit our Projects Portfolio.

Our Happy Clientele

We have a vast number of happy customers, which has led us to amplify our services to more than 33 cities. Our clientele comprises of many residential consumers as well as leading brands belonging to the industrial, business, and agricultural areas. Visit our Happy Clientele.

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Premier Energy is Leading the charge to create a planet run by the sun. We are building a more sustainable world, through making solar simple for customers.

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