Industrial Solar Solutions

Industrial Solar Solutions in Pakistan

The industries have a higher energy load as compared to any other sector in the country. The power outage can have a huge adverse impact on industrial production and it turns out to be very problematic for industry owners. The increased electricity tariff has worsened the situation and many industries have switched to renewable energy alternatives. Since these units have a large area available, they are ideal for solar power plants. The clean and eco-friendly energy production at a larger scale is also suitable for the environment. Premier Energy has installed state of the art industrial solar solutions in Pakistan of different power capacities.

2 MW Grid Tied Solar System Installed at Interloop Limited

Premier Energy Portfolio of Industrial Solar Solutions

The industrial sector is Premier’s success zone as the company holds an incredible record in it with major achievements. For industrial solar solutions, it is regarded as the most trusted Solar Company in Pakistan that has delivered Solar Solutions to some top brands. Major companies for their Solar Projects trust us as they know we won’t let their hefty investments for a better future, go to waste. Not only do the industries in Pakistan recognize out great work, but the different industries from the international market are also now appointing Premier energy for their green energy projects. Here is a brief of Premier Energy’s tremendous portfolio of the industrial sector that speaks volumes about its reliability.

Premier Energy’s Industrial Solar Solutions

Premier Energy has marked a huge success in the industrial sector and has installed mega power plants in different textile units. The largest and second-largest grid-tied solar power plants in the textile sector are part of Premier’s diversified Project Portfolio. As the best industrial solar solutions provider in Pakistan, Premier Energy is committed to the seamless solar installations which are equipped with the finest materials. The company offers 32KW to 10MW range turnkey Grid Tied Solar Solutions. Featuring the most advanced technology and durable designs, these industrial solutions are set up to comply with the customized needs of the clients. Industrial installations, as compared to residential or commercial require a lot of planning, designs, redesigning, and experience so the job is done perfectly. We have all the necessary components in place, required to make the projects successful. We have the best technicians, highly skilled, experienced, and regularly trained. Our design staff even takes care of the slightest detail so there is no error on the bigger picture. Our modern techniques and state of the art equipment make sure that our efforts bear fruit.

Industrial Solar Solutions Cost in Pakistan

The industrial solar solutions are the need of the hour for manufacturing units to run their operations smoothly. The installation of Solar Power Plants for industrial units has a huge impact and advantageous to a great deal. It lowers their grid dependency and ensures an uninterrupted power supply along with other benefits as well. However, to gain such benefits, an initial investment is to be made. One usually gets the ROI on solar system in around 5-10 years and reap the benefits for 15-20 years more. The initial cost may become a hindrance to your plans for a cleaner greener future. Don’t worry about the cost as Premier Energy provides the best solar solutions at the most reasonable and affordable price. You can reach out to us at any time and we will help you get the required system based on your needs without any burden on your pocket.