JA Solar Panels in Pakistan

JA Solar Panels in Pakistan

JA Solar Pakistan

Why JA Solar Pakistan? Modules of JA Solar Panels in Pakistan are being integrated into solar systems by Premier Energy for high power outputs. JA Solar is recognized as the tier 1 solar panel manufacturer in the global market. Buy JA Solar in Pakistan, the world’s leading cell producer since 2010. Developing nearly 10% of solar panels used worldwide, it is reckoned as the world’s 4th largest panel company. Other than panels, its PV products include wafers, cells, and photovoltaic power stations. With a strong reputation, these panels are a trusted option for customers in terms of design, durability, and performance efficiency. These characteristics coupled with their competitive pricing have made them the right investment for domestic or commercial consumers. Buy JA Solar Panels in Pakistan offered by Premier Energy, a well-known JA Solar Panel Company in Pakistan offers most affordable Solar Panels in Pakistan.

Modules of JA Solar Panels

JA Solar Panels in Pakistan

With different specifications, JA Solar offers a wide range of Solar Panels for selection per customers’ requirements. Designed with different solar cells in type and varying in their number count, these panels tend to yield different outputs. Featuring a great deal of flexibility in choice, these Solar Panels are simply categorized to make your choice easier.

JA Solar Pakistan
JA Solar Standard Module

Based on either Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline technology, JA Solar standard modules are developed in 60-cell and 72-cell count. The maximum output and efficiency rate vary for each panel. These are standard modules with no extra features, perfect for regular usage and low budget. These work fine; however, they are like your old vanilla solar panels.

JA Solar Half Cell Module

Featuring bit unique and smaller cells, the half-cell solar panels are available in either 60-cell or 72 cell count. In actuality, each type in this category has double solar cells as they are split in half. This is a more advanced technology in which the cells are further cut and divided thus called half cells. The result is improved conversion of sunlight into electrical current and a higher yield.

JA Solar Double Glass Module

For increasing durability and reliability, these panels have double glass cover at the back instead of traditional, polymer ones. However, in aesthetics, these glasses back sheets are not transparent and can have different basic colors. They add a beautiful look to the setup as well as are known to be highly efficient with enhanced production capacities.

JA Solar Bifacial Mono PERC Double Glass Module

With bifacial PERCIUM cells, these modules have the tendency of energy generation on each side. The technology used in these cells results in higher performance. The rear end of the module is fitted with a transparent sheet that allows sunlight reflected from the floor to fall on the rear end of cells and generate electricity consequently having higher yield. This is by far the latest tech in Solar panel technology.



JAM 72S10/MR


JAM 72S10/MR




72-cell MBB Half-cell Module


78-cell MBB Half-cell Module




400 – 420 Watts


440 Watts


Cell Mono




No.of Cells


144 (6 x 24)


156 (6 x 26)


Maximum Efficiency






Maximum Voltage


1000V/1500V DC


1000V/1500V DC


Junction Box




IP68, 3 diodes


Features of JA Solar Panels

JA Solar Pakistan
Why JA SOLAR Pakistan?

JA Solar panels are known for high-end technology used and their reliability has many other distinguishing features which are as follows:

  • Up to 19.2% Max Efficiency
  • Up to 400W Rated Power
  • High-performance PERCIUM cells
  • ISO, OHSAS and IEC certifications
  • Superior, low irradiance performance
  • Higher tolerance for harsh environment and extreme weather conditions
  • IP68 Junction Box
  • Maximum System Voltage of 1500 V DC
Warranty and Longevity

JA Solar panels have an impressive 10 to 12 years product quality warranty and 25-year performance warranty. This makes them a safe investment and a viable option for reducing energy costs via PV solar panels.

Usage of JA Solar PV Modules

Extensively used in domestic, commercial, and industrial-scale, these efficient JA Solar modules comply with consumers’ needs and yield incredible results. As there are various modules of JA Solar panels, their prices slightly differ but overall competitive with impressive outcomes.

JA Solar Panels Price in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel Company in Pakistan

JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan varies with the model as the specifications of every model differ from one another. Premier Energy, to bring the quality of JA Solar Panels in Pakistan at an affordable price to the people of Pakistan, has partnered with JA Solar so more people can join us in our revolution that is going to help Pakistan become energy independent and progress in the world. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the solar panels you want to choose or about any other thing related to solar energy. Our solar consultants are always available to help you out. Premier Energy deal in JA Solar Panels in Pakistan. Quote for JA Solar Panel Price in Pakistan. Get JA Solar Panels in Lahore, Islamabad Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad and Sailkot. We are authorized distributor of Longi Solar Panels in Pakistan. We are No.1 Longi Solar dealer in Pakistan.

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