3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

3KW Solar System in Pakistan

3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

The 3 kW solar system is small and is best for smaller households. This system provides families with low electricity bills to afford taking advantage of Sun’s power and take their savings to another level. These systems can also be used for small commercial areas like shops and small offices as it will help them save a lot of money on electricity bills and also be a contributive part in making a change in environment. Premier Energy provides these systems at an affordable price while keeping the quality at maximum.

Monthly Electricity Units

If your average monthly bill is not hefty and is between 300 to 350 units, you will need a 3kW system to power your premises to fully run on solar energy.

The System Types Available:

This 3kW solar system is available in 3 main types and is used primarily for domestic sector. The types provided are:

3KW On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

These grid-tie systems are the ones that require grid station in proximity for efficient working. They are connected to utility, using it as a virtual battery to store excess yield. The net metering system takes account of all the supplied units so the customer could be credited.

3KW Off-Grid Solar Systems

These systems do not require grid connection as they are connected with the batteries where they can store electricity. These systems can provide backup during load shedding and blackouts, however, they do not allow net metering connection.

3KW Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan

These are the hybrid between off-grid and on-grid systems and perform functions of both the systems.

The Appliances You Can Use

3kW Solar System in Pakistan

The major appliances that can be used with a 3 kW system are as following:

Appliances Number
Fans 3
Lights 7
AC or Iron   (one appliance can be used at a time) 0
Refrigerator 1
Water pump 0
Washing machine 1

3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

There are many providers who have their own price for the system. However, Premier Energy has formed strong relations with international solar products supplier and bring them to Pakistanis at a very pocket friendly price. Premier Energy offers the most affordable 3kW Solar System Price in Pakistan. With the best warranty and after sales agreement, investing in solar with Premier will never disappoint you. Our pricing table for 3kW Solar Power System Price in Pakistan is as following:


Specifications 3kW Solar System
Solar Panels Canadian Solar / JA Solar
Solar Inverters GoodWe / Solis / Huawei / ABB / Fronius / InfiniSolar
Online Central Monitoring Yes


Safety Equipment ABB / Schneider / CNC
After Sales Service 1 Year free of Cost Service
Price 450,000/- PKR


Production Table
Description Value
Solar System Capacity (KW) 3
System Cost (RS) 450,000
Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh) 4,380
Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) – (RS) 20
Savings (RS) 87,600
Payback Period 5 Years

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