Solis Solar Inverters

Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Solis On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies is one of the most seasoned and biggest makers of sun-powered inverters. Ginlong’s savvy answers for private, business and utility-scale clients convey an incentive at each degree of the solar supply chain. They draw in the two property holders and organizations, just as power generators and sustainable power source speculators over the globe. Introduced under the Solis brand, the organization’s solar inverter products utilize creative string innovation to convey top-notch, unwavering quality, approved under the most severe global tests.

What is a Solis Grid-tie Inverter?

Solis on-grid inverter is a conversion device that changes DC electricity produced by PV cells to usable AC. Without an inverter the electricity produced by the solar panels will be wasted.

Features of On Grid/Grid Tie Solis Solar Inverters

Solis produces unique inverters with distinguishing features making them a reliable device trusted by many. The main features of Solis on-grid solar inverter are:

  • Solis Three Phase Range
  • Over 97.0% Max. efficiency
  • 200V-800V MPPT voltage range-ultra low startup
  • 7.0″ LCD color screen display
  • Compact and light design, easy installation
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • Anti-resonance, single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
  • RS485, Wi-Fi /LAN/GPRS interface
  • Real time monitoring

The basic functions that Solis grid-tie inverter performs are:

  • Conversion of DC to AC
  • Continuous supply of electricity
  • Keep the voltages constant
  • Manage the surplus electricity by distribution to the grid

Solis on-grid solar inverter are available in many capacities. The ones which are mostly used are:

  • 5 KW
  • 10 KW
  • 15 KW
  • 20 KW
Grid Tie / On Grid Solis Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

Solis on-grid inverter price in Pakistan varies with the model and the capacity of the inverter as different models have variations in capacities and other extra features. The more you want, the more you have to invest, however, Premier Energy brings to you Solis solar inverters at a very reasonable cost so that even if you want more features and capacity, it is not a burden on your pocket.

Premier Energy has partnered with Solis on-grid solar inverters company to make it available for our clients at a lesser price than the market. We are steadily working on our goal to achieve a Pakistan that is independent in production of electricity and is free of energy crises. Get your free quote and go solar to be a part of this revolution.