Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions

Pakistan Solar Solutions


We are the most reliable solar solutions provider and a preferred choice of customers for residential solar system.



Premier Energy is recognized as the leading commercial solar solutions company in Pakistan having an incredible projects.



Premier Energy has installed state of the art industrial solar solutions in Pakistan of different power capacities.



Premier Energy provides solar tube wells facility which is highly reliable and guaranteed for an excellent performance.

Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Pakistan Solar Solutions

The solar power is now widely utilized in our country to enrich people’s lives with clean, reliable and resilient energy. A number of renewable energy companies in Pakistan are providing solar solutions with customization to cater consumers varied energy needs. Being cost-effective and having guaranteed uninterrupted supply, solar solutions are most suitable option available in the context of power cuts. As the leading Solar Solution Company of Pakistan, Premier Energy provides international standard turnkey solutions across the country. Unparalleled in quality, performance and design, Premier’s solar solutions can withstand adverse weather conditions. Following are the types of solar solutions categorized on the basis of each sector they are catering.

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Residential Solar Solutions

Solar For Home

The residential sector has been given a prime focus by Premier Energy for facilitation of solar systems. For domestic clients, the company offers affordable solar systems which are efficient in performance to cut down their energy costs. Most of them are readily available Hybrid and On-grid turnkey solar solutions of different capacity. However, customized solar solution are also installed as per requirement of the client and energy needs of the home. Following is the list of readily available Solutions for homes by Premier Energy.

  • 1kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 3kw Solar On-Grid Solution
  • 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 5kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kva Solar Hybrid Solution
  • 10kw Solar On-Grid Solution

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar Solutions in Pakistan

The commercial sector entities including corporate buildings, offices, banks, educational institutes and hospitals have adopted solar solutions at large. Owing to the advantages of solar systems, the trend of such solutions is on the rise rapidly in this sector. Premier Energy has delivered state of the art solar solutions to the commercial sector and received quite positive feedback. Premier Energy’s commercial solar solutions start from 32KW up to 10MW capacity and provided according to the client’s needs. The top of the list commercial projects are mentioned below which show a diverse company profile and reliability in particular.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Industrial Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Solar solutions are extremely beneficial for industrial sector pertaining to the high electricity tariff and power cuts after certain intervals. A number of manufacturing industries have switched to solar power plants and rest are also following their footsteps. Premier energy provides 32KW to 10MW grid tied solar solutions to this sector and have a number of success stories to its credit. Here is a brief of Premier Energy’s tremendous portfolio of the industrial sector that speaks volumes about its reliability.

Agriculture Solar Solutions

Agriculture Solar Solar Solutions in Pakistan

The solar powered systems are transforming the agriculture sector with innovative technology for irrigation needs. The Solar Tubewells are now common in our rural areas making it possible for farmers to irrigate their fields without power cut even at distant location. Premier Energy facilitate farmers with their easy financed solar tube wells and solar water pumps. Such agriculture solutions are appreciated as a welcome addition in this sector and farmers are utilizing this option in larger numbers.