Premier Energy aims on developing a long-term relationship with its valued clients. Keeping in view the best of operations and maintenance, it does not ends with sale.

Premier Energy offer Service Level Agreement which is a Professional Solar System Maintenance Services package. This includes testing of equipment alongside Solar Panels Cleaning through which we ensure 100 % productivity and effective utilization. We at Premier provide our customers with the best of after sale solar services across Pakistan

Service Level Agreement

Premier Energy offers Service Level Agreement which enables our valued clientele to enjoy the following perks:

Call Maintenance

24/7 on- call maintenance service in case of complain

Physical Inspection

Bi-Monthly physical inspection of inverters

Fault Detection

Fault detection of fuses and breakers.

Charging and Discharging Status

Measuring charging and discharging status of batteries to increase their durability

Check- up of Solar Panels

Check- up of solar panels and their mounting structure

Keeping the Customer Updated

Keeping the customer updated on the status of its system.

Budgeting And Financing

Measuring charging and discharging status of batteries to increase their durability

Optimizing the Productivity

Optimizing the productivity of the overall solar powered system which will eventually provide cost efficiency

Cleaning of Solar Panels

Bi-Monthly cleaning of solar panels with Demineralized Water Pumping system will increase the solar panels’ efficiency.

Our professional services team ensure the achievement of optimal production by providing state of the art after sales services. Daily staff support is available in the office from Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM through 6:00 PM. While our teams can be reached at 0322 4234 235.


Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd embarks upon a commendable journey of Energy Efficiency Conservation and Audit Program (EECAAP). The aim is to introduce and promote a sustainable energy resource and a fairly balanced energy mix for a Greener Punjab leading to economic growth of the province through developing a clean, reliable, resilient and efficient energy system sufficient for the entire Province’ demand. The main focus of this program is to

  • To propose energy conservation measures that can lead to the effective and efficient use of energy
  • To develop standards for all energy consuming appliances in terms of both their efficiency and effectiveness and to introduce the practice of investigating these “standard and labels” by the consumers/builders/construction companies/architects.
  • Develop and Promote the culture of “Energy Conservation and Energy Independence” by making the masses realize their responsibility towards the said cause.
  • Designing special Training Sessions for Engineers and Technical Experts in EE&C
  • To set procedures that make it mandatory for home builders, construction companies and even home owners (lay man) to get an energy conservation audit done beforehand.
  • To encourage the decision making bodies to opt for “retrofitting public buildings” and to ensure the enforcement of EE&C Building Codes.
  • To promote the concept of Green Building and constructing the first ever complete Green Building as a standard to inspire and encourage the masses.

The ECAAP program will benefit you in following ways:

  • Our team will provide you with a detailed energy survey comprising:
    • Costing
    • Energy Consumption Pattern
    • Appliances Analysis and their impact factor
  • A detailed report on load analysis
  • Recommendations along with the energy and cost savings for allowing the client to make known decision.