ABB Solar Inverters

ABB Solar Inverters in Pakistan

ABB On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverters in Pakistan
Grid Tie/On Grid ABB Solar Inverters

ABB is a reputed company manufacturing high quality, efficient, and dependable solar inverters. ABB is known for low to high capacity inverters which can be used for many purposes such as residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial installations. Performing the basic function of converting DC to AC with high efficiency, ABB has established a deep relationship with many customers residing all over the world.

What is a Grid-tie ABB Solar Inverter?

ABB Grid Tie inverter converts Direct Current generated by solar panels to Alternating Current with 240 voltage which can be used. ABB grid-tie inverter has proved successful in the hot and arid climate of Pakistan.

ABB On-Grid Solar Inverter Features

ABB Grid-tie Inverters work with a connection to the grid without having any batteries. The distinguishing features which make ABB solar Inverters the best choice for many consumers are:

  • Split phase and single-phase output
  • Wide input and output range
  • Real-time tracking with high speed and precise MPPT algorithms
  • Environmental resistance enclosure which keeps the inverter safe
  • Internationally approved in-built DC switch
  • Excellent efficiency of up to 97.1%
  • Integrated monitory system
  • Maximum input voltage
  • The long and reliable service life of at least 20 years
  • Adjustable with the various local utility system
  • Remote Monitoring system
  • ABB Grid-tie Solar Inverters Usage

ABB grid-tie inverters are used for multiple purposes including Commercial, Residential, Industrial and Agricultural. ABB solar inverters are used for following basic functions:

  • Conversion of DC to AC
  • Uninterrupted supply of electricity
  • Stable voltages despite fluctuations in input
  • Management of excess electricity

From a small capacity of 1 KW to higher capacities of 50 KW, ABB is available in many varied capacities that fit the requirements of every business and consumer needs. The capacities in which ABB inverters are usually available are:

  • 20 KW
  • 30 KW
  • 50 KW
Grid Tie / On Grid ABB Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

ABB On-Grid Inverters price in Pakistan varies with their capacity and features. The inverter with more capacity and features costs more than the one with a lower capacity. Premier Energy has brought ABB Grid Tie Solar Inverters” in Pakistan with their optimum quality, endurance, high durability, at a very affordable price. Premier Energy believes in making Pakistan self-sufficient and independent in the production of energy.

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