Suntwin Solar Inverters

Suntwin Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Suntwin On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverters in Pakistan
What is JFY Suntwin Solar Inverter?

JFY Suntwin is a solar inverter that comes without a transformer and two input channels of MPPT. It performs the basic function of converting Direct Current produced by PV generator to Alternating Current of 240 Voltage that can be used by household appliances. Suntwin is known for its reliability and powerful technology. With high efficiency to meet your requirements, it is always ready to be used in any environmental conditions.

Grid Tie / On Grid JFY Suntwin Solar Inverters

JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd. is a universally recognized manufacturer of PV Cells, Solar panels, Solar Inverters, Solar pumps, etc. JFY is known for its high efficiency and superior quality and has been supplying products to customers based in more than 50 countries.

Suntwin On-Grid Solar Inverter Features

Suntwin on-grid solar inverter is a compact designed inverter which is directly connected to the PV cells for conversion of DC to AC. It is also directly connected to the grid to supply extra electricity to the grid. Some of the many features which make Suntwin the favorite choice of many customers are:

  • Innovative and compact design which allows it to be placed and fitted anywhere easily
  • Has a high-efficiency rate; as claimed by the company, it can provide more than 97% efficiency in optimum conditions
  • Low running noise as compared to other inverters
  • New generation technology with two inputs
  • High-speed MPPT for efficient time tracking and improved energy harvesting
  • True sine wave output shows absolute energy conversion with minimum loss
  • In-built RS-485/RS-232 serial communication
  • One of the distinguishing features is a multi-language display
  • Auto-detection software which decides inputs to be parallel or independent
  • PC software allows remote monitoring of the system
  • Has overload handling ability and excellent thermal performance
Usage of Suntwin Grid-Tie Solar Inverter

The high efficiency, compact and innovative Suntwin solar inverter performs the following functions:

  • Convert DC into usable 240V AC
  • Provide uninterrupted electricity
  • Ensure stable voltages despite the outer fluctuations
  • Send excess energy to the grid so it can be saved
Grid Tie / On Grid Suntwin Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

With an aim to make Pakistan self-sufficient in energy production, Premier Energy is providing Suntwin grid-tie / on-grid solar inverter at a very pocket-friendly and cost-effective price so you can easily afford it without having any burden on your pocket. We also provide superior quality Solar Panels along with the inverter and provide you with all the facilities you need to become independent in energy generation. All you have to do is call us, email us or visit our nearest office for a free quote and detailed discussion on the system you want and leave the rest of the job from filling out forms to the installation of the system to us and we will take care of everything you. Getting a Solar System installed has never been so easy before.