GOODWe Solar Inverters

GoodWe Solar Inverters in Pakistan

GoodWe Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

GoodWe was established in 2010, and with diligence, commitment, and development, the organization arrived at the rundown of the top ten positioned inverter producers on the planet. Today, GoodWe sells 30000 pieces every month all things considered. Individuals trust GoodWe for their creative, strong, and viable inverters which have picked up their reputation after being utilized in a wide range of environmental conditions and for all the purposes whether business or residential.

What is Hybrid Inverter?

A Hybrid Inverter is a device that performs both on-grid and off-grid functions. It is connected to the grid as well as a battery bank.

Features of GoodWe Hybrid Inverter

GoodWe has been the top manufacturer and seller of hybrid inverters in Pakistan and all over the world. They have reached this place because of their quality.

  • Built-in charge controller
  • Smart battery management function
  • Grid-tied and off-grid operation
  • Compatible with lead-acid and Li-ion batteries
  • Increased performance and security
  • IP65 dust-proof and waterproof protection
  • Remote monitoring via PCs, tablets, and mobiles
  • The fanless design allows low-noise operations
  • Dual MPPT inputs with a Max of 6500Wp
  • 100A Battery charger with the system
  • Full-load output at temp as high as 45°C
  • The future conception for Solar
  • These inverters are used to perform the following functions:
  • Converts DC into AC
  • Stores electricity in a battery bank (off-grid inverter operation)
  • Supplies excess electricity to the grid (on-grid inverter operation)
  • Provides uninterrupted supply of electricity
  • Keep the voltages at 240 V

The capacity of GoodWe hybrid solar inverters varies. These top-quality inverters are mostly used in the following capacities:

  • 3 KW
  • 5 KW
GoodWe Hybrid Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

GoodWe Hybrid Solar Inverters price in Pakistan varies with their model and their capacity. The greater capacity has a greater price. If you are looking to buy GoodWe hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan, you can rely on us. Being Pakistan’s No. 1 solar company, we have partnered with the world’s top-ranked inverter manufacturer to bring you the best quality at the cheapest and most affordable price. We have started on the journey to make Pakistan energy independent by revolutionizing the energy sector. Get your free quote today by reaching out to us. We shall be happy to assist you regarding any information about the product as well as our services.