Infini Solar Inverters

Infini Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Infini Off-Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

A Solar Inverter is a machine that converts the electricity obtained through the solar panel in the form of Direct Current (DC) to usable Alternating Current (AC). Infini is a Japanese solar inverter producer with escalating demand in the market because of its high stability and extraordinary performance. Infini off-grid inverters are distinguished for their superior operations, efficiency, reliability, and smart management of excess electricity through battery functions. Its success has enabled Infini to become a global company by opening branches in the USA as well as many other countries.

What is an off-grid Inverter?

An off-grid solar inverter is a device that performs conversion of DC stored in the battery to AC before it is used. It is connected to the charge controller as well as a battery bank.

Features of Infini off-grid Inverter

Infini has the following features which make it one of the most favorite inverters especially for various operations:

  • Excellent performance with the battery connection
  • 100% sine wave output in the guarantee of excellent working
  • Microprocessor controls stable charging system
  • Pre-installed MPPT solar charger
  • LCD for complete information of system operations
  • Multiple communication channels available
  • Remote monitoring option
  • Green replacement for generators and other fuel consuming options
  • User-adjustable battery charging
  • IP65 protection against dust and moisture
  • Can be installed indoors as well as outdoors
  • Compact design, easy to install
  • Low noise operations
  • These inverters are used to perform the following functions:
  • Converts Direct current into Alternating Current
  • Stores electricity in a battery bank
  • Delivers uninterrupted supply of electricity
  • Retain the voltages at 240 V
  • Best for the production of electricity in remote regions

The capacity of Infini off-grid solar inverters varies with the model. These top-quality inverters are mostly used in the following capacities:

  • 1 KW
  • 5 KW
  • 10 KW
Infini Off-Grid Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

Infini off-grid Solar Inverter price in Pakistan varies with their model type and their capacity. The capacity depends upon the use of the household and the price depends upon the capacity. If you are looking to buy Infini off-grid solar inverter in Pakistan, you can rely on us. Premier Energy being Pakistan’s No. 1 solar company, has partnered with the Infini inverter manufacturers to bring you the finest quality at the most reasonable and cost-effective price. Our prices reflect our aim to achieve a clean, green, and energy crisis-free Pakistan.

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