Infini Solar Inverters

Infini Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Infini On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverters in Pakistan
What is an Infini Solar Inverter?

A Solar Inverter is a device that converts the energy obtained through the solar panel in the form Direct Current (DC) to usable Alternating Current (AC). Infini is a solar inverter manufacturer with increasing demand in the market because of its high durability and impressive performance. Infini grid-tie Inverters are renowned for their superior operations of converting DC to a stable 240V AC which is the most optimum voltage for home appliances.

Grid-Tie/On Grid Infini Solar Inverters

Infini has proved to be successful in Pakistan’s arid, hot climate, and excessive load-shedding because of its ability to keep the voltages stable and handle all the grid-tie operations without interrupting the flow of electricity.

Infini On-Grid Inverter Features

Infini On-Grid solar inverter is an inverter which is connected directly to the grid and does not require any batteries to store excess electricity as it is directly stored and used from the grid. It has the following features which make it one the most favorite inverters specially for home operations:

  • A built-in timer ensures an uninterrupted supply without the user having to turn it on or off.
  • 100% sine wave output shows the absolute conversion of DC into AC.
  • Software monitors and displays all the operations.
  • Automatically handles the consumption and feed to the grid.
  • An in-built timer ensures everything is happening perfectly.
  • Allows parallel operation and multiple communications.
  • Infini Grid-Tie Inverter Usage


Infini Grid Tie Solar Inverters in PkaistanUsage

Infini on-grid inverter is mainly used to convert DC gained through solar panels into AC which can be used by machinery and home appliances; however, it also performs the following functions:

  • Provide an uninterrupted supply of electricity to the premises where they are installed.
  • Supply stable voltages for the best functioning of appliances.
  • Send the excess amount of energy to the grid which can be used later or supplied to the neighbors.
Capacity of Infini On-Grid / Grid Tie Solar Inverters

A capacity in simple terms means how much power an inverter can handle. Infini Grid Tie solar inverters come in a vast range of capacities. The most frequently used and recommended are:

  • 3 KW Infini On-Grid Solar Inverter
  • 5 KW Infini On-Grid Solar Inverter
  • 10 KW Infini Grid-tied Solar Inverter
Still Not Sure Which Inverter to Choose?

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Grid Tie / On Grid Infini Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

The price of Infini inverters varies with their capacity. If you want a 3 KW inverter, it will be cheaper than a 10 Kw inverter; however, it may or may not fulfill your energy requirements. The capacity depends upon the use and the price depends upon the capacity. Premier Energy facilitates you by allowing you to get a free quote from our experienced solar energy consultants and provides you with the most affordable and pocket-friendly prices in the whole market. Our prices reflect our aim to achieve a clean, green, and Energy crisis-free Pakistan.