Is Solar is the Right Choice in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the most prominent developing nuclear countries because of many reasons that include international interests, bordering with two nuclear powers, and geolocation that serves as the strategic midpoint in the biggest continent on earth. Not only has that Pakistan played a prominent role in many world organizations, particularly the United Nations. Today Pakistan’s journey to becoming a developed nation is facing a hiatus because of the increasing energy crises. Over dependency on electricity through fossil fuel has not only devastated the environmental condition, making it unsafe for people but has also crippled the economy. Today Lahore and Karachi, the two biggest cities of Pakistan have the poorest Air Quality Index value. Several businesses are suffering from the fear of their business collapsing because of the increasing electricity prices.

The Safest Option Pakistan Has

Solar energy in Pakistan is the safest and most reliable option that Pakistan can utilize. The proof is that the total solar production potential of the whole world is 3,000,000 TWh/year while Pakistan’s estimated solar potential is around 100,000 MW. Solar power provides an eco-friendly, abundant, and cheap production of electricity. It would not be wrong to say that solar energy can act as a messiah to stabilize the energy condition in Pakistan.

Benefits of Solar Power in Pakistan

The following are the advantages Pakistan can enjoy by utilizing the Sun’s immense energy:

Bulwark against Inflation

Sun does not charge for its power as compared to oils and gas prices which fluctuate more than the temperature. Solar energy eliminates the risk factor of increasing price as the Sun’s energy is reaching the sun for an indefinite period and there is no fear of depletion as in the case of fuels.


In the case of solar energy, accessibility means that it does not require huge constructions and huge equipment to install a solar panel system. Many industrial giants cannot even afford to construct coal plants or water dams as it takes a lot of investment and time. Governments can also focus on solar power plants as they are easy to set up, unlike water dams that can take up to 10-15 years. Another good thing is that solar panels can be installed by single homeowners thus fulfilling the national demand is way easier than ever.


With accessibility, the affordability of the solar panel systems makes them a very good option for every member of the country to invest in their future. The price of solar technology has decreased by more than 90% over the past few decades which means that these wonderful energy generation systems are the best when it comes to affordability.

Communal Effect

The communal effect of the solar panels systems being installed by a large number of people can be more beneficial than installing large solar power plants. The government of Pakistan does not afford to spend a lot of money on huge installation, however making it easy for residential, commercial, and industrial citizens to install solar plate systems. This will allow them to share excess electricity via the net metering system with other citizens. This communal effect can help overcome energy crises by using solar energy in Pakistan.

Environmental Conservation

One of the biggest advantage Pakistan will cash from solar power is the reduction in carbon emissions. The decrease in carbon footprints will help Pakistan to overcome the increasing pollution by tackling the source of these. Pakistan has already initiated programs to conserve the environment such as the “billion tree tsunami” that has earned Pakistan the title of “Champion for Nature”.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Solar power in Pakistan seems like a bright path with no negatives, however being the no.1 solar company it is our responsibility to bring to the public the real picture. No doubt that solar energy is the solution to most of our problems, however, it is still not the panacea. The not so glittering parts of using solar energy are:

Production during the Day

The production of electricity in a solar panel system happens only during the day when solar radiation is available to excite the electrons so current is created. New solar panels are being manufactured that produce electricity even at night but the technology is yet to be fully available. Similarly less expensive and more efficient batteries are being produced as well, however for now the truth is that solar panels cannot produce any electricity at night.

Variable Yield

The yield of all renewable energy sources varies a lot as it is affected by many factors. In the case of solar panels, the yield may be affected by clouds, angles, eclipse, and season. The variation is a minor one however, the product still is affected. This is the reason it is recommended to get a solar system slightly bigger than needed.

The Real Solution

To utilize solar power in Pakistan and to overcome the crises, a mix of energy-producing methods have to be employed. The implementation of these versatile methods is very important as the multiple streams of electricity generation ensure stable flow. This will allow us to keep a check on the pollution and make sure that even during the variation produced in renewable energy yield, the lacking portion is supplemented by the non-renewable source.

Premier Energy’s Solar Solution to the Rescue

Premier Energy is the leading solar solutions provider that has always brought forward the best solar solutions, with the mission to make Pakistan independent in energy production. We believe in the idea of mixed energy generating systems because it is the most viable and efficient way to conquer our crises. To make sure the solar part of the plan goes smoothly, Premier Energy is trying its level best and would love it if you become part of our energy revolution in Pakistan.

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