How Premier Energy Is Empowering The Textile Industry

Premier Group has a successful business in more than 6 countries but the love of the homeland encouraged Premier Group to establish Premier Energy in Pakistan almost a decade ago. Premier Energy has always put mission over profit and this has been the reason for our successful endeavor in Pakistan. Today Premier Energy has accomplished more than 2000 projects all over Pakistan with an ever-expanding network of clientele. Our mission is to,

“Make Pakistan energy independent by making the best solar products available to people of Pakistan at the most affordable prices so we all can join our efforts to achieve a cleaner, greener Pakistan”

Our Vision
  • To reform the energy sector of Pakistan
  • To empower all sectors to a clean, reliable, and resilient energy system
  • To preserve our energy resources and guarantee a promising future for our generations
  • To become the market leader by reconstructing the pattern of energy utilization
Why the Textile industry?

When Premier Energy initiated its efforts to bring a change in the industrial sector of Pakistan, we started a program named, “Empowering the Industries”. For the first sector to put our efforts in, we chose the textile sector. Why? Because of the following reasons:

  • The textile industry is the leading industry in Pakistan
  • It is directly related to exports to various major brands which supports the national economy
  • Being directly related to international brands, this industry portrays the sustainability efforts of our country
  • The textile industry is one of the most wide-spread in the country

These and many other reasons made textile the foremost target for our operations.

Empowering the Textile Industry

Premier Energy has helped several Pakistani textile brands to get solar systems according to their needs and requirements. These projects mostly ranged from 32kW to 4MW power plants. These projects are massive and require lots of investment despite the affordable prices we offer. Under the State Bank of Pakistan’s Solar Financing scheme, banks offer financial assistance to the industries to go solar. Premier Energy being among the top solar companies in Pakistan proudly holds the authorization by the State Bank of Pakistan to deal in all the categories of solar financing schemes. It means that we help our customers in all the processes of solar financing application, submission, and attainment. We can deal with customers belonging to all three categories of the financing scheme.

Apart from getting financing from the bank, we ensured that our clients get the best quality and for this purpose, we used only the best products from the tier-one suppliers from the international market. We use products like;

For solar panels




Suntech Power


For Solar Inverters

Grid tie Solar Inverters in Pakistan








Infini (on-grid solar inverter)


Off grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Infini (off-grid solar inverters)


Hybrid Solar Inverters in Pakistan 

Infini Hybrid Inverters

Goodwe Hybrid Inverters

For Solar Batteries

  • Narada
  • Outdo

We also empowered our clientele by helping them get the net metering system installed. Net metering usually takes up to 3 months to be installed, but our net metering team is vigilant and keeps the track of the net metering application besides handling all the processes from a form submission, applications, and all. Our team ensures that they get the net metering as soon as possible so that they can start reaping the benefits of it right away. We are authorized by AEDB to provide net metering services and have successfully retained our V1 net metering certificate. This is the highest certificate for net metering services.

Some Major Textile Industry Projects We Have Done So Far

We have accomplished many textile industries projects which include some of the biggest names in the industry. It is impossible to mention them all here but we will try to give brief accounts of some distinguished projects.

Us Denim 4 Mw Project

The US Denim 4 MW project is by far Premier Energy’s biggest project. US Apparel and the US Group got this project from Premier Energy during the covid-19 pandemic situation. There was lockdown and supply chain breaks were common. Despite the challenges of the testing time, our teams worked round the clock to finish the project as soon as possible. The project is spread across five different factories in Lahore.

Annual Energy Production

6,222 MW or 6.2 GW

Annual Reduction in Carbon Footprints

3,409 Tons

Interloop Limited 2 Mw Project

Interloop Limited is the largest hosiery manufacturing factory in Pakistan. They are located in Faisalabad, the heart of the textile industry in Pakistan. This project features slanting installations of solar panels to maximize sunlight absorption and energy production. A total of 6,062 solar panels are installed on two rooftops of the largest hosiery plant.

Annual Energy Production

2774 MWh or 2.7 GWh

Annual Reduction in Carbon Footprints

1704 Tons

Masood Textile Mills 1.6 Mw Project

Masood Textile Mills requires no introduction as it is one of the renowned textile manufacturers in Pakistan. Premier Energy has installed a 1.6 MW solar power plant at Masood textiles mills that feature the latest PV technology with string inverters. The solar panels and all the equipment utilized there are from the top solar brands as mentioned above.

Annual Energy Production

1,752 MWh or 1.7 GWh

Annual Reduction in Carbon Footprints

1095 Tons

Mahmood Textile Mills 0.5 Mw Project, Muzaffargarh

The 0.5 MW or 512 kW project of the solar system was installed at Muzaffargarh’s leading textile manufacturer, Mahmood Textile Mills. We utilized the best techniques as well as the top-notch solar technology available at that time to accomplish this project. It was one of the first big projects that Premier Energy installed.

Annual Energy Production

710 MWh or 0.7 GWh

Annual Reduction in Carbon Footprints

392 Tons

Premier Energy for Your Industrial Solution

Premier Energy installed some of the biggest projects in the textile industry so far but it does not mean that we only focused on this particular industry. Premier energy has accomplished many feats in other industrial sectors as well. We provide customized solar solutions according to each industry’s personal needs. It is the perfect time to get your solar system installed and take your business to new heights.

Ring us and our solar experts will have a meeting with you to assist you in making one of the most profitable investments of your life that will benefit your business and you for many years to come.

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