Go Solar In 4 Easy Steps with Premier Energy

Pakistan is a developing nation that has been suffering from a shortage of electricity and regressing environmental conditions. The government of Pakistan has started investing in projects like the billion-tree tsunami and various solar power plants to ensure that the environment doesn’t further deteriorate and electricity shortfalls are controlled. Pakistan has excellent solar insolation that makes it perfect for installing solar panels. Investing in a solar energy system in Pakistan ensures reduced dependency on grid power and decreases electricity bills up to 90% and sometimes even up to 100%. Solar rooftops in Pakistan are also very reliable, with a life span of 25 years and a very low need for maintenance, they are a perfect investment. At Premier Energy, we believe that anyone who uses electricity from the grid or diesel can switch to solar and become part of this green energy movement.

Go Solar In 4 Easy Steps

Premier Energy prides itself as the Best Solar Company in Pakistan, providing the finest quality solar panel installation in Lahore, Islamabad, and across the countryWe have partnered with the top solar manufacturers all over the world, and this partnership allows us to bring the highest quality solar panels, solar inverters, and solar batteries at the most affordable price. Premier Energy stepped into the market with a mission to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan by helping to change the production patterns. We have made it easy for everybody to install solar systems in four simple steps.

Step 1: Consultation

The first and foremost step is to get a consultation from one of our solar experts, who are always available to listen to you. You can reach out to us by contacting through our website, social media channels, or the numbers mentioned on our Contact Us page. You can also visit us to discuss your solar installation over a cup of coffee at our office, or if nothing else works out for you, our solar consultant can also visit you after you call us. Our solar experts are skilled engineers who have plenty of experience required to help you decide the right solution for your place that fits your needs. Our consultants are also adequately qualified to make sure that everything results in added benefits for you.

Step 2: Design

In order to design a solar power system custom-tailored to your home and its needs, an on-site visit is crucial to ensure that every variable is accounted for in advance. It is vital to look at the required tilts and the direction best suitable to assure maximum sunlight absorption. Similarly, checking out the roof’s structural integrity and the way in which we can install the solar system is also significant to make sure that the installation takes place in the most proficient manner. For this purpose, our engineers will analyze everything and gather the data from the site visit. We use the acquired data to determine what solar system design best fits the constraints and attributes of your home. At the end of the design process, we will present you with a final quote along with a design and proposal that contains every nitty-gritty of the project.

Step 3: Installation

Premier Energy is one of the most trusted solar panel installers in Pakistan. We have a V1 certificate in net metering from the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB). Net Metering in Pakistan usually takes around 3 months to be installed and activated. Premier Energy with its certification has the authority to get a net meter for up to 1 MW solar power plant, and our vigilant services allow us to get it done in as little time as possible. Once we obtain the required permits from the electricity department of the city and assemble the customized solar components that we need for your project, we will begin the installation. Our solar installers are highly trained in the field. Our systems routinely outperform our competitors, resulting in the lowest cost of ownership in the business.

Step 4: Start Saving

Once your system installation is complete, you can look forward to lower energy costs and plenty of savings. Your system will run with little to no maintenance and is covered under warranties. We also offer apps to monitor your system’s performance online with one year of free-of-cost after-sales services. If your system does ever experience any issues, our highly trained customer care agents are available to service it 7 days a week.

Solar Financing

State Bank of Pakistan has launched a scheme under the name, SBP’s Solar Financing scheme offers financial assistance for residential, commercial and industrial solar installations. Premier Energy is authorized by the State Bank of Pakistan to deal in all the categories of solar financing. Our solar consultants can also help you in all the filing and application process for the attainment of financing for your solar system.

Benefits of Going Solar

The time to go solar is now as you can have a lot of benefits by switching to solar, such as;

Save Money

You can not only save money on electricity bills by using power from your solar system but you can also save a lot because of the decreased dependency on the grid electricity.


Well, if you have a solar system installed at your place, you don’t have to worry about electricity failures. You can get energy produced by the system during the daytime and when it is dark outside, you can still have saved energy in the grid system which you can use and even share with others to earn extra cash from the government.

Net Metering

Net Metering is the latest innovation in this system which can be explained as a billing process through which you can earn money from the electricity you give to the national grid station.

Clean Energy

Our Earth is degrading because of the use of harmful, noxious, and dangerous gases and materials emitted during the generation of electricity from non-renewable sources. As inhabitants of planet Earth, it is our collective duty to increase the use of processes and materials which are not harmful to our environment because ultimately, we are the ones who are going to be affected. Solar systems are a source of clean energy which is beneficial for all the species living on Earth.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step and Contact Us right now for the most beneficial transaction of your life.

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