Everything You Need To Know On Net Metering In Pakistan (1)

Given the current energy and environmental crises, solar energy is undoubtedly one of the best sources of renewable energy that can help us get rid of pollution as well as fulfill the world’s energy needs. Solar panel systems are becoming more and more common as home owners and business owners are switching to solar alike. It helps save money on bills and produce free clean electricity. Solar can be a lot more beneficial for the owner as well as for other people as well because of Net Metering. Now available in many prime regions of Pakistan, the energy department is establishing Net Metering systems all over the country at full speed. What exactly is Net Metering? Should you consider it or not? How Premier Energy can help you in net metering? In this blog, we are going to discuss about Net Metering in detail.

What is Net Metering?

When you’re away or during high production days, your home may generate extra electricity using solar energy. You can buy expensive batteries to store that extra electricity to use it at night but there’s another option to send extra power produced back to the grid and that’s what we call as net metering. Net metering is a reverse billing mechanism that tracks the incoming and outgoing electricity units from the user to the utility grid. Best suited and most functional with the current usage of solar panel systems, Net Metering has proved to be the cherry on top for people who have solar systems installed at their houses.

How it works?

In winters when the usage is low, in summers when the production is high or generally throughout the year depending upon your production and usage, your solar system has the capability to generate excess electricity. Net Metering is a system that allows you to transfer this excess electricity back to the grid station and track the flow of electricity to and from the grid. At the end of the month if the electricity transferred by your system is more than the units that you imported from the grid, you get paid for the difference. The payment can either be in cash or as credit to be used as discount in the next bill.

Advantages of Net Metering

Reduce Electricity Bill

The most prominent benefit of Net Metering is that you can reduce your electricity bill a lot more than what you can do with a solar system without Net Metering. The reason is that the excess electricity you are producing is now being sold to the national utility grid and the government is paying you for the electricity you have shared with others.

No Need to Install Expensive Battery Storage System

The excess energy produced by your solar system can go to waste if you are not storing it in the batteries; however, solar batteries can be a pretty expensive investment. Moreover, they also have a shorter life span as compared to the rest of your solar system equipment. The better choice is to get a Net Meter installed as it costs much less and can work on pretty much as long as you have solar panels installed.

Encourage to Customer Move Towards the Renewable Energy

Net Metering encourages more people to switch to solar because of its exceptional benefits. It can help preserve non-renewable energy source and ultimately stops the further deterioration of environment. By using the renewable energy, we can create a better world for future generations.

Pressure of the Grid

By transferring excess power to the grid, you can take part in tackling the electricity shortage in the country. The power you supply can be transported to other homes via the grid and the pressure on the grid is reduced.

How Much Time Does Net Metering Installation Requires?

Installation of Net Meter and it functioning can take anywhere between 30 to 60 days after the installation of the solar system. Premier energy; however, has a track record of completing majority of the Net Meter installations within 30 days to provide comfort to our clients. We take a proactive approach and our Net Metering stay on top of everything to ensure there are no delays on our part. They also stay in touch with the authorities to get the job done as smoothly as possible.

Requirements for Net-Metering?

To install Net Meter at your house, you need to have the following requisites.

  • Bill 3 phase meter
  • Essential load as per NEPRA
  • CNIC
Payment Required for Net Metering

Net Metering usually requires Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 120,000 in addition to the system amount. Premier energy is on a mission to make it easy for people to switch to solar energy. Consult with our solar experts and we can find a good solution for you.

Why Premier Energy for Net Metered Solar Solutions?


Category AEDB

Premier energy has the v1 category in Net Metering by alternate energy development board. It is the highest category with which we can install the maximum capacity of Net Metering for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural systems.

Shares in Market of Net-Metering

Premier energy has more than 70% shares of Net Metering in the market that makes us the leading provider of Net Metered solar solutions.

Major Areas

Our Net Metered solar solutions are available in all the regions of Pakistan where Net Metering is possible. If Net Metering is introduced in a specific area, we make sure to be the first solar company providing Net Metering in that region. The major areas in of our Net Metering services are as follows:

  • DHA
  • Model town
  • Bahria town
  • Johar town
  • Gulberg
  • Valencia
  • Lake City
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