On-Grid Solar System in Pakistan

A grid-tied solar panel system is simply a solar energy system that is connected to the electrical grid and, therefore, uses electricity from both the solar panel system and the electrical grid. Because of this, a grid-tied solar system doesn’t have to meet all of the electricity demands of the home. Since the advent of mankind, humans have been using Sun’s energy. Today, we have learned how to harness the solar energy to produce electricity and the new era of energy revolution began with the invention of the first solar panel. Manufacturers have been in a race since the Bell Corporation started it and they have been competing with each other fiercely to dominate the market that has led to invention of efficient and intelligent systems such as On-Grid Solar System. This article focuses mainly on what an on-grid solar system is and how a grid-tie solar system works and provides electricity to your premises.

What is A Grid-Tie Solar System?

A grid-tie system is the type of solar solution that works with the utility grid station. This system was invented to make use of the power from the grid so people can get rid of the expensive solar batteries. The on-grid system is more reliable and pocket friendly as the batteries are not required to store the electricity. Because of the connection with the grid, this system is named as grid-tie or on-grid system. This system cannot work without any association with the utility station. Some grid-tie solutions also have an option to add batteries to the system to make it more efficient.

How On-Grid Solar System Works?

The grid-tie solar solution, as mentioned above, needs a grid connection to work. This makes it impractical for a remote area however, for the places with grid connection easily available, it is the best available system. The on-grid solar solution has the following components:

  • Solar Panels
  • Grid-tie inverters
  • Connecting wires
  • Connection to the utility grid
  • DC switch
  • Net Meter

The whole process of energy production in an on-grid system can be divided into many small courses which are given below:

  • Energy Generation In PV Cells
  • Energy Conversion
  • Electricity Supply
  • Electricity Storage
  • Net Metering Process
Electricity Generation

The electricity is generated in the solar panels which are made of silicon wafers. These silicon atoms have loose electrons. When the solar radiations fall on the solar panels the energy in the radiations is transmitted to the electrons that get excited on receiving all this energy. The excited electrons start moving in a circuit and their motion causes the generation of electrical current. This electrical current can go to waste so a network of connecting wires quickly grabs it and transfers it to the Inverter for further operations. These wires are highly conductible so there is no energy loss during the transmission.

Energy Conversion

The energy produced in the PV cells and transmitted to the inverter with the help of connecting wires is in the form of Direct Current. This direct cannot be used by the appliances at the premises as all the electrical appliances need alternating current of certain voltage range so they can be used in optimum way. The task to make it usable is performed by the inverter. The grid-tie inverters available at Premier Energy have the highest efficiency and make sure that there is minimum loss of current. The on-grid solar inverter uses a transformer type operation to change the current to Alternating current that has an average of 240 voltage so it can be used by the appliances. For this reason, Inverter is also called the brain of the solar panel system, since it manages all the input and output features to ensure proper working of the system.

Energy Supply

The electricity transformed by the inverter into 240 V AC is supplied to the house through very conductive electricity wires which make sure that there is minimal to no loss of electricity. The electricity is supplied based upon the appliances that are being used on the premises. The more appliances that are being used, the more electricity is supplied to the house and less is stored. When the electricity demand increases more than the production, it is supplemented by the current from the grid station.

Electricity Storage

The excess electricity produced by the system has to be stored somewhere or it will not be utilized and go to waste. To counter the problem, these systems use the grid stations as virtual batteries. This allows the system to be affordable as compared to a battery based solar system. The grid station receives all the electricity that is being produced by the on-grid solar system and is not being used by the appliances.

Net Metering Process

The net metering in Pakistan works differently than other countries. Every country has their own way to cater the received electricity through net metering. In Pakistan, net metering mechanism measure the electricity units supplied to the grid station. These supplied units are supplied during the off-peak period or day time. The owner gets credits in return for the electricity units supplied to the national grid. When the bill comes, the credit is adjusted in the bill amount and the final amount after deduction of the price of the units supplied to the grid. Net metering allows the users to get the most benefit out of their investment by selling the excess electricity.

Grid-Tie Solar System in Pakistan

These systems are most widely used in Pakistan, especially in the residential, industrial and commercial sector. These are affordable and effective solar solutions to be used and many house owners use them because of their affordability and net metering option. The industrial users mostly use these system because they do not require batteries that will be very expensive for the industrial machinery.

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