How Long Does It Take To Install Solar Panels

Going solar has undoubtedly several benefits, including monetary and environmental advantages. However, one needs to understand that it is not a quick process to switch to solar. It is not like you have decided to get a solar system today and tomorrow you are enjoying free electricity through your system. After you choose to go solar, you might need to realize how much time it will require to start generating power. All things considered, producing power is the reason you need to change to solar panels. This blog will cover what amount of time it requires to install a domestic solar solution and the variables that influence the time.

The full process for purchasing solar panels and getting them installed is anything but a short-term procedure. There will be waiting periods for each step of the entire process. The ideal opportunity for each step can change depending upon where you reside, your solar installation company, the solar panels you pick, and a number of other factors. Following are the steps to a residential solar panel system installation and the amount of time each progression could require:

Site Assessment

When you pick your solar installation company, one of the initial steps is getting your site surveyed and affirmed. A solar expert from your solar installer will visit the site and analyze the rooftop and different aspects of it to ensure they’re ready to accommodate a solar energy system. The experts will ensure your rooftop can deal with the weight and that your electrical framework can deal with the measure of energy you need to deliver. The specialists will likewise ensure nothing is impeding the daylight (like shade) and affirm the estimations. From the underlying call to booking to the site visit itself, this progression can take around 1 to seven days.

Solar System Design

The sort of Solar Products (panels, inverters, batteries) and mountings you use will influence the time it takes to install your system. Your solar panel company may need to arrange parts on the off chance that they’re not in stock, and that can add time to the installation period. In case your solar company utilizes parts that need to come from abroad, you can expect the solar products to take a few weeks to come from overseas. Premier Energy has always maintained a large stock and ensured that every product is ordered and imported before the stock runs out. Moreover, your solar panel system design may require more confirmations before the installation can happen. On the off chance that the solar specialists who inspected the site need to make changes, you might be sitting tight for approval before you can continue with the process. Our design and technical engineers work collaboratively to eliminate all such issues during the design process, so you don’t have to wait for any approvals. This step can shift in the event that you need approval for your design and where your parts are coming from, it might require 1 to 2 weeks.

Installation of The System

When your Solar System installation is planned, this step is literally the swiftest one, to the vast majority’s surprise. Frequently, your solar company will actually want to install the solar panel system in a couple of days. The installers will show up at your home in the entirety of the hardware and labor. They’ll begin with the wiring framework and wrap up by installing the actual PV panels. At times they can complete in a day, yet on the off chance that your rooftop is enormous or convoluted, it could require a couple of days. It also depends upon the size of the system and the layout of the roof as well, and this step can require 4.

Net Metering Connection

You’re in the final step now. The last step is to register an application with your local electricity supply company (such as LESCO for Lahore) to get them to flip the switch to connect your solar system. The service organization will at that point regularly install a meter to decide how much energy you’re creating. Between the application and establishment, this last step can require as long as about three months. Premier Energy is a V1-certified solar company, and our Net Metering team is well versed in all the procedures to get a net meter installed. Our team will get it done as soon as possible without creating a hassle for you.

By and large, a solar installation can take as little as from the time all the application and processes are completed. This may appear to be a broad timeframe, however, don’t allow that to deflect you from switching to solar. A solar power system can lessen your electricity charges, assist you with getting independent, and decrease your carbon footprint.

Premier’s Solar Installation

Premier is the leading solar panel company in Pakistan that has an extensive portfolio of installing versatile projects tailored to each customer’s specific needs. We have installed projects as small as 3kW to as huge as several Megawatts. We have a well-trained and equipped team that combines the efforts from all the relative departments and follows a standard operating procedure (SOP) that has proved to be the quickest way to install and commission solar systems for our customers. All you have to do is to take the first step, and that is to Contact our solar experts, the rest, we will handle it all.

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