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A solar inverter is a significant piece of a solar panel framework. It converts DC obtained from the PV cells to 240 AC so it can be used, stored, and supplied to the grid. Without a solar inverter, the electricity produced by the solar panels cannot be used and will go to waste. Having a good solar inverter accompany your solar panel system is very important as it decides how much electricity can be used from the yield of the solar system. Purchasing a decent inverter will make your solar panels durable.

Top Ten Solar Inverters in Pakistan

The base lifetime of solar inverter is 10 to 20 years. Sun-powered inverters have guarantees from 5 to 12 years. We will give you data concerning quality, observing execution, highlights, and administrations of inverters. Here is the rundown of the top 10 makers of solar inverters in the world. These inverters are being utilized by everybody having solar system installations.


Fronius Solar Energy Division has become the quality leader in the global solar market, and a model of sustainability because of its high-quality products and extraordinary services. As the youngest division at Fronius, Solar Energy Division has been investigating, improving, and producing innovative photovoltaics solutions since 1992. As a solar pioneer and producer of inverters from day one, they now offer an extensive range of products relating to generating, storing, administering, and consuming energy from renewable sources.

Features of Fronius Inverters

With its innovative and newest technology, Fronius inverters feature some of the top qualities any inverter can have. The specs of Fronius grid-tie solar inverters are:

  • 2 MPPT inputs ready to maximize working
  • Can produce 208-240 output
  • Integrated monitoring system
  • Built-in AC and DC switches
  • Wide range of DC (230-500VDC)
  • Online monitoring system available
  • Display system presents all operations on an LED
  • The highest efficiency of 98.1%
  • Compact, smart design for indoor and outdoor operations
  • IP56 & IP66 protection from dust and dampness
  • Transformerless with improved cooling allows silent operations
  • Integrated AFCI for improved safety


GoodWe was founded in 2010, and with diligence, devotion and innovation, the corporation reached the list of top ten ranked inverter manufacturers in the world. Today, GoodWe sells 30000 pieces every month on average. People trust GoodWe for their innovative, enduring, and efficient inverters, which have earned their reputation after being used in all kinds of climatic conditions and for all the purposes, whether industrial or household.

Features of GoodWe Solar Inverter

The characteristics of GoodWe solar inverters which have made the company prosperous all over the world are:

  • Maximum efficacy of up to 98.2%
  • Built-in DC switch
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-resistant security
  • Full-load output at 45 degrees Centigrade
  • Lightweight and compact so can be fitted easily
  • Has many monitoring and communication channels including Wi-Fi
  • 5-inch large LED display
  • No outside fan needed
  • Silent operations
  • Suited for both outdoor and indoor fittings
  • Produce up to 30% DC input oversizing
  • Gives up to 10 % AC output overloading
  • Comes with up to 12 MPPT outputs based on the model


ABB is a distinguished company manufacturing high quality, efficient, and reliable solar inverters. ABB is known for low to high capacity inverters, which can be utilized for many purposes such as residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial installations. Performing the basic function of converting DC to AC with high productivity, ABB has secured a profound relationship with many customers residing all over the world.

Features of ABB Solar Inverter

The distinguishing features that make ABB solar inverters the best choice for many consumers are:

  • Split phase and single-phase yield
  • Ample input and output range
  • Real-time tracking with tremendous speed and accurate MPPT algorithms
  • Environmental resistance enclosure houses the inverter keeping it protected
  • Universally certified in-built DC switch
  • Excellent performance of up to 97.1%
  • Integrated warning system
  • Supreme input voltage
  • The long and dependable service life of at least 20 years
  • Adaptable with the various local utility system
  • Distant Monitoring system


Huawei is a leading global IT and information services provider. It is known for its approach to offer quality goods at a reasonable price. Huawei has entered into the solar market with the latest technology of highly efficient, dependable, compact, and state-of-the-art inverters. The company has packed its years of experience in information technology and PV technology into their inverters, which have proved their worth in the market.

Features of Huawei Solar Inverter

Huawei has made their name in every area of technology. Likewise, it has made its name in the field of solar systems as well. The most distinctive features of Huawei are:

  • Extremely efficient with maximum efficiency of 98.9% – 99%
  • 6 MPPTs for multipurpose fittings to diverse layouts
  • Natural cooling technology eliminates the requirement for external fans
  • IP65 protection from dirt and condensation
  • Anti-Islanding Shield
  • AC overcurrent Protection
  • Ability to identify residual current
  • DC and AC wave arrester Type-2 installed
  • LED sign display
  • Bluetooth, USB, and APP available
  • Stylish design with very silent operations
  • AFCI powered by Artificial Intelligence to diminish fire risk
  • Up to 30% greater yield from each solar panel
  • No such machines are used which wear down and need to be repaired


SMA is a world-renowned solar inverter company and one of the few corporations to offer leading solar inverters designed for residential, industrial, and utility-scale systems. The German company was founded in 1981, which is classical in the realm of solar companies and for quite a while the SMA inverters, marked Sunny Boy and Sunny Tripower, were head and shoulders over their competition.

Features of SMA Solar Inverters

SMA solar inverters have remained the best in the business for a long time. They still stand among the top inverters and are the best choice of many dealers as well as buyers. The specs of SMA on-grid inverters are:

  • Can be fitted on the floor and mounted on the wall
  • Does not require any DC fuse
  • Has built-in DC connector
  • Built-in Wi-Fi ability available
  • Stability for AC/DC overvoltage
  • Completely easily accessible connection areas
  • Integrated DC isolator
  • Simple and attractive design
  • LED display shows all operations
  • Can be monitored remotely from the app
  • Six MPPT inputs allow maximum working
  • The highest efficiency of 98.4%


Established in 2005, Ginlong Technologies is one of the most accomplished and biggest makers of solar inverters. Ginlong’s savvy answers for private, business and utility-scale clients carry an incentive at each stage of the solar supply series. They bring in the two Property holders and organizations, just as power generators and sustainable power source speculators over the globe. Introduced under the Solis brand, the organization’s solar inverter products utilize creative string innovation to convey top-notch, unwavering quality, approved under the most severe global tests.

Features of Solis Grid-tie Solar Inverter

Solis produces unique inverters with distinguishing features making them a reliable device trusted by many. The main features of Solis on-grid solar inverter are:

  • Solis 3 Phase Range
  • Over 97.0% Max. Efficacy
  • 200V-800V MPPT voltage range – ultra-low startup
  • 0″ LCD color screen display
  • Compact and light design, easy fitting
  • IP65 rated for outdoor installation
  • Anti-resonance, a single transformer can connect 6M+ in parallel
  • RS485, Wi-Fi /LAN/GPRS interface
  • Real-time monitoring


Trannergy is a famed manufacturer of inverters known especially for its quality, authenticity, and high efficiency. It has more than 500 rooftop solar inverters installed only in China, which is a significant number for any solar inverter company. Their strict quality criteria allow their goods to be highly reliable. Trannergy has made its name in solar inverters producers’ line as a top-notch provider of hybrid, off-grid, and on-grid solar inverters.

Features of Trannergy Solar Inverter

Trannergy provides a wide range of solar inverters which can be used for residential and commercial purposes as well. The Trannergy solar inverters have these traits which make them one of their kind and the favorite choice of many people:

Their efficiency may reach a maximum level of 98.2% while performing a wide range of operations

  • Broad DC input range
  • Extensive MPPT voltage range
  • Coupled MPPT input voltage
  • IP65 security against water and dust
  • Remarkably silent with little to no noise
  • Fanless cooling potency
  • Designed in a way to warrant long lifecycle
  • A DC switch arrives with the product
  • Online real-time monitoring capability
  • Compact, stylish and easy to install design
  • Automatic functioning with auto on/off characteristics


JingFuYuan Tech. Co., Ltd. is a universally recognized manufacturer of PV Cells, Solar panels, Solar Inverters, Solar pumps, etc. JFY has been supplying products to customers based in more than 50 countries. Suntwin is known for its reliability powerful technology, and high efficiency to meet your requirements.

Features of Suntwin Solar Inverter

Some of the many characteristics which make Suntwin the popular choice of many customers is:

  • Innovative and compact design allows it to be fitted easily
  • It can provide more than 97% efficiency
  • Muffled operating noise
  • New generation technology with couple inputs
  • High-speed MPPT for adequate time tracking and improved energy harvesting
  • True sine wave output shows perfect energy regeneration with minimum loss
  • In-built RS-485/RS-232 serial transmission
  • Multi-language display
  • Auto-detection software decides inputs to be parallel or independent
  • PC software enables remote monitoring of the system
  • Has overload handling ability
  • Excellent thermal execution


Infini is a solar inverter company with increasing demand in the market because of its durability, competence, and remarkable performance. Infini inverters are renowned for their excellent performance of converting DC to a stable 240V AC, which is the most optimum voltage for home appliances. Infini has proved to be successful in all climates, and excessive load-shedding because of its ability to keep the voltages stable and handle all the grid-tie operations without interrupting the flow of electricity.

Features of Infini Solar Inverter

Infini solar inverter has the following qualities which make it one of the favorite inverters, especially for home operations:

  • A built-in timer guarantees a constant supply without the user having to turn it on or off.
  • Maximum efficiency of up to 98%
  • 100% sine wave output shows the pure conversion of DC into AC.
  • The software monitors all operations.
  • The LED display shows all the data.
  • Automatically regulates the consumption and feed to the grid.
  • Allows parallel operation and multiple communications.
  • Can be monitored from remote locations


Axpert is a good company of solar inverters with durable, top-quality inverters available at a reasonable price. Axpert is a top-class company among tier two solar inverter producers.

Features of Axpert solar inverters

The distinguishing features of Axpert solar inverters are:

  • The inverter works with a maximum efficiency of 95%
  • Absolute sine wave inverter
  • Output power factor recorded 1
  • Input voltage has a selectable option
  • Broad Dc input
  • LCD with configurable AC/solar input
  • Restarts automatically when Ac is recovering
  • Dirt, water protection IP65
  • Cold start feature included
  • Still not sure?

The race to be the market leader has picked up so much pace that every other day a company is releasing a new technology to overcome their competition. This competitive environment is exceptionally beneficial and confusing for the consumers as they have lots of good options available. If you’re not sure about which inverter to choose, get in contact with Premier Energy and we will help you out in choosing the best inverter that fits your needs and budget.

We are Pakistan’s no. 1 solar company, offering turnkey solar solutions at a pocket friendly cost so more people can join the energy revolution we are bringing in Pakistan. We aim to make Pakistan independent in energy sector and end the crises related to energy and economy. You can reach out to us via call, email or you can visit our office and talk to our solar energy consultants over a cup of tea to have a detailed discussion.

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