Reasons To Go Solar Right Now

If we get top to bottom, there will likewise be a chance for a spotless energy change as a feature of adapting methodologies and backing measures. Following are the reasons for which you need to switch to solar right away.

Reasons To Go Solar Right Now

Solar power systems can help you generate free electricity from the Sun’s power and thus rely on the electricity generated by your system rather than the grid electricity. Because of the increasing fuel prices, the grid electricity has become very expensive and so by being less dependent on the energy from utility station, you will be able to save a lot of money on the electricity bills. The tables below show energy and money savings from some of the commonly used Solar Systems.


Solar System Capacity (KW)3
Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh)4,380
Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) – (RS)20
Savings (RS)87,600
Payback Period5 Years
Solar System Capacity (KW)5
Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh)7,300
Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) – (RS)20
Savings (RS)146,000
Payback Period5 Years
Solar System Capacity (KW)10
Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh)14,600
Per Unit Charge (Off-peak) – (RS)20
Savings (RS)292,000
Payback Period4 Years

Become Energy Independent

When you go solar, you become independent of utility corporations as your energy provider. The only link you will have to the grid is to record up how much energy you have produced, used, and supplied to the grid. Net Metering will take care of this record-keeping process. If you generate less electricity than you use, you may draw the required electricity from the grid to make up the difference. However, if you have a surplus of energy production for a month, you can sell the excess electricity back to the grid via net metering. If you wish to completely break free from the grid, off-grid solar systems are also available, which is a good option for remote areas where grid electricity is not accessible.

Good for the Environment

Switching to solar energy is one of the most reliable ways to cut down your carbon footprint. Solar Energy is the cheapest source of renewable energy that has become very popular. It is constructive for the environment, as utilizing solar energy diminishes the use of fossil fuels that are the principal source of pollutants in the atmosphere. The reduced reliance on grid electricity ensures that you are using less electricity produced from fossil fuels which in turn helps stabilize the environmental condition. It also helps reduce carbon footprints by lessening GHG emissions and thus leads to positive climate change and diminished global warming.

Now is May Be the Prime Time

Some things are better done right away by not waiting for the better. Going solar is one of those things. The following reasons make getting your solar system a way better option than waiting for improvement in technology or the prices to go down:

  • Right now, governments are offering many incentives and perks to those who invest in solar systems because the trend is slowly rising and governments want to inspire people to turn to renewable energy. These incentives may not be available when solar will become more common, as these are tools to motivate people to invest in solar.
  • The technology in solar energy has developed by leaps and bounds during the past decade and presently has reached a stagnant point from where the enhancements will be slow and the price will not go down as quickly. So, it is the right time to go solar rather than waiting for prices to go more down, which is very unlikely to happen soon.
  • The sum you will save by getting solar systems right now is going to be bigger than the amount you will save by waiting for the prices to go down.

Possibility of Solar Price Hike In Future

Many parts of solar panel systems are made in countries whose production industries have been obstructed for many months because of the COVID-19 crises. These international supply chain interruptions are likely to provoke rises in the cost of Solar Panels, Inverters, and related equipment because of insufficient availability. Going solar now is a bulwark against the more expensive prices or panel deficits in the future.

Prepare For Summer

Summer is already here and it won’t be long before the days are unbearably hot and it is inevitable to maximize usage of electricity for air conditioners, HVACS, refrigeration, etc. Before it becomes impossible for you to cut down your use of electricity and bills become unpayable, switch to solar so that you are all set to have a pleasant summer with no burden on your pocket. Get ready for summer with premier’s turnkey solar solutions right now.

One Sure Thing

Whether the price of solar goes down in the future and technology is greatly improved or not, the best time to go solar is right now because the sooner you make the transition, the earlier you will start reaping the benefits of going solar. Premier’s affordable and technologically advanced solar solutions let you make the most profitable investments that will help you save money and be energy independent for many years to come.

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