Steps that can help us fight Climate change right away

One thing that the past year of pandemic and lockdown has taught us is the need to protect our climate and earth. Carbon emissions, release of pollutants and many other reasons have grievously affected the environment since the advent of industrial revolution. We have been using all our might to destroy our environment for the past few centuries, now it is time to use all our strength to protect it for the future generations. If we are careless and do not actively try to heal our planet, soon we will be combating a bigger threat than the coronavirus – Environmental Degradation. It is our responsibility to leave the Earth in the best possible shape for our future generations if we don’t want them to suffer from acid rains, lack of clean air, destruction of habitat, inadequate space for cultivation of crops, and many such other problems.

6 Steps That Will Help Us Fight the Climate Change Instantly

To put it simply, our survival depends upon the survival of our planet because we have nowhere else to live. Earth is probably our only option which is slipping through our hands because of our actions. Here we are sharing the 6 quick steps to fight the climate change.

Switch to Renewable Energy

Almost 27% of the total greenhouse emissions come from the production of electricity from the fossil fuels. We cannot stop using electricity, but we can switch to ways of producing electricity which are not harmful to the environment. This includes alternate energy generation sources such as wind, hydro or solar. Solar energy is the most suitable for this purpose because of the following reasons:

  • It is abundantly available and can be stored
  • You don’t need big installation like wind turbines or water dams to take advantage of solar power
  • Along with governments and industrial giants, residential customers and small industries can also switch to solar as they see possible without breaking a sweat

We cannot shift to renewable energy in the blink of an eye but we can make sure it is done before it’s too late. Every person switching to solar is a small step that will have a huge impact when combined with others. So contact our solar consultant right away who will help you in your journey.

Save Energy

It may sound cliché but it is one of the best ways to cope up with the environmental healing by reducing the carbon emissions through efficient use of electricity. It is not a tough job and small changes in the routine can not only help you save money but the planet as well. Check out our list of the things you can start doing right away to efficiently consume and save energy.

Avoid the Use Of Plastic

Plastic is known for its durability as the material can endure deterioration for centuries but you cannot judge a book by its cover and this durability of plastic became its biggest disadvantage. Now we are surrounded by plastic and we can find it anywhere – literally – where ever you go you will be surrounded by plastic objects. From the body of your phone to seas and the air you breathe there is some element of this carcinogenic product in it.

Plastic emits GHG all the time and imagine the drastic impact of plastic objects releasing CO2 into the environment for the coming few centuries. Not only that, plastic has suffered wildlife and marine life more than it has directly affected us so far. It has become the reason of deaths of many land and sea animals specially those living beside the beaches. Nations around the world are trying to minimize the use of plastic and finding ways to do something about the plastic we have already produced and are producing. We must slowly but steadily cut the plastic from our lives and here are a few ways:

  • Use eco-friendly products
  • Condemn use of plastic products
  • Stop buying products that are manufactured with plastic
  • Properly dispose of the plastic you have instead of throwing it anywhere
Switch to Pooling or Public Transport

Transport accounts for 27% of the total GHG emissions throughout the year. This is the biggest portion of the total release of the greenhouse gases that affect the environment leading to climate change and global warming. The best way to counter this problem is to reduce the use of private transport and start using the public transport that will decrease the emissions by a significant level. Cab options nowadays also offer pooling that can also serve as a reducing agent in this regard. On average each person can reduce up to 0.98 tons of carbon emissions per year by using public transport.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The ultimate reason behind climate change is GHG emissions and each person can try to reduce these by bringing down the quantity of carbon emissions per year. The following table shows the reduction of CO2 by tons after making slight changes in our daily lives and the equipment we use.

Change Reduction in carbon footprint by tons
Living a car-free life 2.04
Switching to electric car 1.95
One less flight per year 1.68
Switching to renewable energy 1.6
By using efficient cooking equipment 0.65
By efficient use of HVACs 0.795
Heating with renewable sources 0.64
Stand Against Deforestation and Plant More Trees

Trees are the natural filters for us that clean the air we breathe, but due to human activities, cutting down of trees is on an all-time high now. We have reduced the forest areas by a major percentage. It has not only led us to lose our natural air filters but many birds and animals have lost their habitat. Can you imagine what it is like to be forced out of your house? We have done this to animals. Now it is the responsibility of every human being to plant trees and stop deforestation because planting saplings cannot compensate the loss of a fully grown tree.

Efforts Premier is Making

We at Premier Energy are working our best to create a better future along with our team. We are trying to achieve our goal by several ways which include but are not limited to:

  • Planting trees at our premises and various other locations
  • Utilizing staff buses to ensure our employees don’t have to use individual cars
  • Keeping record of our sustainability goals and achieving them
  • Working to make our premises a plastic-free zone
  • Making it affordable for people to switch to Solar Energy

We are always striving to improve our actions and achieve more because we know that Earth is our only home and we have to keep it safe for our future generations.

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