What is Net Metering in Pakistan?

Net metering simply means a utility billing mechanism that allows home and business owners to exchange excess energy generated by their solar system to the grid for credits which can then be converted to money or units from the grid.

Net metering Mechanism

If you have a solar system installed at your premises, you can often generate excess electricity, especially when you are living in Pakistan where ample sunlight is available throughout the year. Net metering allows you to exchange excess energy for money or sometimes for electricity units from the grid on cloudy days or in winter when enough sunlight is not available.

With the net metering system installed, the user only has to pay the “net bill” which is the difference between the amount of electricity generated by the solar system and the electricity used by the house. This means that if you have used energy lesser than the actual amount generated by your solar system, you can give that energy to the grid and earn credits in return. These credits can be used to earn money by selling the electricity or you can use them to pay your bills for cloudy days or winters when the sun is not shining bright enough to light up your house.

Net Metering A Reality

The net metering system was pioneered in the USA in the 1980s. Around five years ago, in September 2015, net metering in Pakistan was introduced. The system gained quick recognition and response by business in the beginning. With time, net metering has become quite common in Pakistan. It does not seem like a future technology anymore, however; it still is awe-inspiring considering the profits you can gain. That time is gone when people used to have issues like “will it work?”, “shall we be ready to make a profit off it?”, “Will it be enough to pay our bills?” etc. That was way in the past when the net metering system still felt like a dream, however, it has become a reality now, which many businesses and homeowners are using. Stats from Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) showed that the power division unit had installed more than 1600 net metering systems across the country which are providing more than 27 Megawatts of electricity to the national grid which shows that net metering in Pakistan has become a reality.

Net Metering Mechanism

Advantages of Net Metering

Net metering, since it became a reality has benefitted a lot of people. More and more people are installing solar panels and net metering systems because of its advantages. Some of the benefits you can gain by installing net metering mechanism are:

  1. Real value for excess energy:

The net metering system provides real value for the excess energy you produce. You can either transfer it to the grid for money or for units to be used in days when enough energy is not produced.

  1. Inexpensive installation:

Net metering does not require expensive storage or battery systems and is easy & inexpensive to install.

  1. Use of renewable energy:

It is a good way of preservation of non-renewable energy sources. This allows us to create energy by using a renewable source. Sun is the biggest organic source that has been providing us energy since the beginning of the earth.

  1. Pressure off the grid:

A single house can supply more than 2 houses with electricity with the use of a net metering system which becomes a national benefit if more people are installing the system. This can take the pressure off the national grid and can provide a more stable electricity supply.

  1. Earn some extra cash:

One can earn money from the excess energy they are producing by giving it to the grid.

  1. Save Bills:

Installing solar and net metering systems allows you to consume electricity free of cost by producing it through solar systems and saving the excess energy in the grid to use it later in the time of need.

Net metering is not only beneficial to individuals, it also becomes beneficial for the whole nation if it is implemented on a larger scale. NEPRA now allows the online submission of net metering applications to facilitate consumers and increase the number of people contributing to the national good.

Why Premier Energy?

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