Us Denim Group 4 Mw Project

Energy consumption takes up to 40% of the total expenses in the textile industry. Situated in Lahore, Pakistan, the US Denim Group is one of the biggest denim manufacturers and exporters in Pakistan. The group relied mostly on LESCO’s fossil fuel-based energy and also supplemented it with diesel and gas generators. US group among the top producers of the world’s most favorite clothing, took the responsibility of converting to green energy even though they can afford the conventional means of energy production despite its high share. For their conversion to renewable energy, they shook hands with the no. 1 solar company in Pakistan, Premier Energy, which is the most prominent advocate of renewable energy, especially solar energy. The reason is that Premier Energy understands the importance of this switch for Pakistan, as it will lead to the eradication of energy and environmental crises in Pakistan.

Project Details

The details of this mega project are as follows:

  • Location: 8 Rooftops at Five Factories in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

33,800 m2 Covered Area

  • Project Type: 5 successive solar captive power plants (Grid-Tie)

PV Technology with CUF of 20.3%

Mono-PERC Half Cell PV Modules

  • Technical Details:

4 MW Grid-Tied System

6222 MWh Annual Energy Generation

Equivalent to Electricity Used by 577 Homes for One Year

5.7 Million Garments Produced With Green Energy

  • CO2 Reduction

3650 tons annual CO2 Reduction

Air Filtration by 4,456 Acres of Forests in One Year

  • Jobs Created: 250-300


The commissioning and installation of the project initiated when covid-19 was taking the form of a pandemic and the project were in its initial stages when the government enforced lockdown to keep people safe. It led to supply chain breaks and stricter working conditions. Premier Energy ensured the timely supply of the products even during the lockdown phase and made it unquestionable to provide the workers with a safe environment where they could continue working without worrying about their health issues amidst the epidemic.

The Technology Used

We used Mono-PERC Half Cell panels from the renowned JA solar. Considering the area space available for the installation, we used panels that could produce 440 W per panel with an efficiency of more than 20% so, fewer panels can generate more energy, and thus less space is utilized. For conversion purposes, we used the best quality of Huawei string inverters that provide 98.9% – 99% efficiency. The combination of the best products with the most efficient operations so our clients can make the most of their investment.

The Final Verdict

This 4 MW project of the US Denim Group will allow them to produce 20% of their energy requirements with solar energy. Premier Energy’s superior solar solution will let them reduce their carbon footprints and improve their energy and cost efficiency. It will also help them increase their asset values and fulfill sustainability goals.

Premier Energy is always available for its customers to provide them with support and maintenance services. We are here to provide you with assistance of any kind with customized proposals, all you need to do is to give us a call.


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