400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The 400-watt panel price in Pakistan is common among residential, industrial, and commercial areas. These solar plates can produce 1.6 units of electricity per panel which shows that they can produce 1.6 kW of electricity a day for about 4-6 hours of prime sunshine. The 400-watt solar system can easily run a laptop, microwave, LED TV, mini-fridge, toaster, and desktop computer. These solar plates take little space to install. The 400-watt solar panel price in Pakistan makes it a good match for residential, commercial, and industrial solar system installations.

The Type of 400-Watt Solar Panels in Pakistan

These solar plates are mostly manufactured by using premium quality silicon wafers and monocrystalline. This makes these solar plates more efficient and durable, unlike the models manufactured by using inferior quality semiconductors and polycrystalline tech. However, mono-crystalline plates are a bit expensive.


Monocrystalline technology in solar panels represents a high-end manufacturing process where silicon ingots are produced by melting high-purity silicon in a controlled environment. These ingots are then sliced into thin wafers, each consisting of a single continuous crystal structure, which gives monocrystalline panels their characteristic black hue. This advanced production method results in solar panels with unmatched efficiency and durability, making them ideal for applications where space is limited or where maximum power generation is required. Monocrystalline panels are highly efficient in converting sunlight into electricity, especially in low-light conditions, and they tend to have a longer lifespan compared to other types of panels. While monocrystalline panels are typically more expensive than polycrystalline counterparts, their superior performance and longevity make them a preferred choice for residential, commercial, and industrial solar installations seeking optimal energy output and reliability.

Sectors We Deal In

Sectors that Premier Energy has provided their services and has a considerable list of satisfied clientele are as follows:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

Why Do You Need To Go Solar?

With eight to nine hours of sunshine per day, the climatic conditions in Pakistan are ideal for solar power generation.

    High Electric Bills?

    Factors Affecting 400 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

    Go For Solar With Premier Energy

    Several factors affect the cost of 400-watt solar panels in Pakistan. These factors include but are not limited to:

    • Semi-conductor quality
    • Type of the panel
    • Watt per panel capacity

    Semiconductor Quality

    The quality of the semiconductor affects the 400-watt solar panel rates in Pakistan. For instance, if an elite quality semi-conductor such as Silicon is used in the manufacturing of solar plates, they will be more efficient and durable. Comparatively, if some low-quality semiconductor such as Germanium is used, it will not only be less productive but will also reduce the capacity of the solar system. That is why solar plates manufactured with high-quality silicon cost more than low-quality ones.

    Type of the Panel

    The type of panel also affects the 400-watt solar panels cost in Pakistan. Two types of solar panels are used during the installation of a solar system: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. Models manufactured by using monocrystalline PERC technology are more efficient and durable than the models manufactured by using polycrystalline tech. This is the reason that the latest models of solar systems use panels in monocrystalline form.

    Watt per Panel Capacity

    The solar systems produce a certain amount of electricity, which is measured in watts. This production of electricity affects the 400-watt solar panel’s price. Solar panels with a watt per-panel capacity of 480 watts cost more than solar panels with less capacity such as a 350-watt solar panel. The reason behind this is simple, the 480-watt capacity panel will produce more electricity than the 350-watt panel and thus will be required in lesser quantity.

    Some other factors also affect the 400-watt solar panel price in Pakistan, but the variation is negligible. They cannot solely determine the fluctuation in the rates of 400-watt solar panels, unlike those mentioned above.

    Premier Energy’s 400-Watt Solar Panel Price In Pakistan

    Premier Energy is known as the best solar solution provider because we never compromise on quality and always provide our clients with top-notch solar products in Pakistan. We offer 400-watt JA solar panels in Pakistan at a very pocket-friendly price of Rs. 18,400/- You can rely on the efficiency and durability of our products.

    Get in touch with us right now. Call us or email us to arrange a meeting and we can discuss your solar journey and guide you to take control of your electricity bills.

    Which Capacity Makes the Best Solar System For Home in Pakistan?

    The solar energy systems are available in several capacities irrespective of the system type you are installing. The required capacity of the system depends upon the electricity usage of the consumer. If the electricity usage is higher, the system capacity will be greater as well. The table below will help you find the right capacity for your electricity utilization.

    300-350 3KW Solar System in Pakistan
    500-600 5KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1100-1200 10KW Solar System in Pakistan
    1700-1800 15KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2300-2400 20KW Solar System in Pakistan
    2800-3000 25KW Solar System in Pakistan
    3500-3600 30KW Solar System in Pakistan
    4000-4200 35KW Solar System in Pakistan

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