Solar System in Lahore

Solar System in Lahore

Solar System Companies in Lahore

Lahore, the second-largest city of Pakistan and the 18th largest city proper in the world, is the heart of the country. The city is known for its historical buildings and ever-increasing love to modernize itself. One of the reasons that top tech companies in Pakistan initiate their operations in Lahore is the inclination of people towards technology and modern solutions. Similarly, it is the industrial center in Punjab. As compared to other cities, Lahore has a better supply of electricity, but the bills are touching the sky, and the electricity is only getting expensive every other day. Lahore is very adaptive to new technology and innovations that improve the living standards, and an example to prove this is the enthusiasm Lahoris showed to convert to renewable energy. Premier Energy started its operation from here and has seen the love of Lahoris for a better future that has motivated us to provide the best solar system in Lahore. Our dedication, hard work, and the support that the people of Lahore gave to us have now made us the best among solar system companies in Lahore and all over Pakistan.

Services We Provide

Solar System Companies in Lahore

We provide several services other than solar system installation in Lahore that are as follows:

Fault Apprehension

Defect detection of fuses and breakers that are triggering the pickle.

Status of Charging and Discharging 

Measure charging and discharging conditions of batteries to increase their lifetime.

Keeping the User Informed

Informing the customer on the state of the system fitted.

Cleaning of Solar Plates

We offer bi-monthly cleaning of solar plates with a Demineralized Water Pumping arrangement to improve the solar panels’ output.

Call Support and Maintenance

We provide 24/7 on-call sustenance service in case of any grievance or solar emergency.

Examination of Solar Panels

Check- up of solar panels and their mounting arrangement to make sure everything is in position.

Optimizing the Generation

Augment the harvest of the overall solar-powered system to increase cost-efficiency.

Physical Examination

We are also providing a fortnightly electrical and mechanical examination of fitted inverters.

Financing and Budgeting 

We make the most feasible economic plans for the connection of the system.

Solar System in Lahore that We Provide

Solar System Companies in Lahore

Premier Energy is an innovative solar solutions provider that improves its services and the systems it delivers, so the clients get only the best return on their investment. Our systems comprise products from top solar manufacturers in the world. We keep the price low, so there is no burden on the pocket of the customer. The solar system solutions we provide are as following:

On-grid Solar system

Grid-tie solar systems are the ones that work in close proximity with the grid station as they store excess electricity to the grid and get supplementation from the grid if needed. This system does not require any batteries and can export surplus electricity in exchange for credits via the net metering system.

Off-grid Solar System

This a system that is best for remote locations and agricultural installations as it does not require any connection to the grid. The off-grid solar solution is a battery-based system that requires solar batteries that may be expensive but provide backup in case of blackout and load shedding. This system does not allow net metering as there is no connection between the grid and the solar system.

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system is a combination of off-grid and the grid-tie system as it is connected to the grid and the batteries as well. After charging the batteries, it exports excess electricity to the grid. This system provides backup in case of load shedding and also allows the installation of the net metering system. The system is expensive due to all the equipment required to give dual functioning, but it is the most viable solution.

Sectors We Provide Solar Solutions in Lahore

Solar System Companies in Lahore

Premier Energy is the best solar system company in Lahore, and this is not because we say it, this is because we earned and our customers say it. We are dealing in all the sectors to provide solar systems and have a long list of clientele from all the areas. The following are the main sectors we are dealing with:

Solar Financing in Lahore

Solar financing is an initiative taken by the State Bank of Pakistan to provide loans for solar system to anybody who wants to switch to solar energy for a better future. Premier Energy, being the elite among the solar solutions providers, has been certified with Category 1 dealership in Solar Financing. You can get a solar system on installation in Lahore, and we can help you with everything from application submission to the completion of the project.

Let’s Talk

Solar System Companies in Lahore

The electricity bills are already are soaring high in the sky, and the environment is getting polluted with carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. The need of the hour is to switch to solar energy, and Premier Energy is here to help customers in this endeavor to make sure their investment harvests the maximum benefits. With the most affordable solar systems in Lahore, Premier Energy is illuminating lives through renewable energy and working for a better future. Discuss your plan with us via call, email, or by arranging a meeting with a solar energy consultant in Lahore, so you can make an informed decision.

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