FAQs Commercial Solar Solutions

How long will it take to recover my initial investment?

At Premier Energy we believe in transparency, therefore a financial feasibility report is shared with all our clients providing them with calculated Internal Rate of Return, Payback and relevant financial details related to the overall profitability of the system.

How much maintenance do solar energy panels require?

Solar photovoltaic panels require little maintenance – a simple splash of water once a month is sufficient. It is, however, important to place panels where they will remain clear of shade and debris.

How much will I be charges for the After Sales Services and how often would the team visit me?

At Premier Energy we offer free of cost After Sales Services for the first year and then we move into a Service Level Agreement under which the client is charged a nominal amount annually. Also, Premier Energy’s round the clock after sales services are what set us apart from others in the market. Our service team is just a call/email/ sms away. Also, even if you do not face any major issue, our service team will visit you once a month just to check the overall functioning of the system.

How will I be able to keep a check of the overall productivity of the system?

All our systems are equipped with an Online Monitoring System which can be installed over the client’s system and cellular phone. This system automatically generates an email at day end enlisting the total units produced, peak hours and overall efficiency of the system hence enabling the client to keep a check over the daily performance of the system.