Narada Batteries

Narada Batteries in Pakistan

High Performance, Efficient & High-quality solar batteries

Narada is the leading battery manufacturers of the world with more than 25 years of proven excellence in this business. Established in 1994 in China, it has expanded sale of its products to different regions of the world. Narada batteries in Pakistan are quite popular and most commonly used in the solar systems. Designed as per international standards, its polymer gel batteries feature the best gel technology for an optimized performance. Their cutting-edge development ensures an equally good results and power output in the extreme weather conditions. Owing to their advantages on the technical grounds, Premier Energy uses Narada’s polymer gel batteries in its turnkey solutions.

The key highlights of Narada’s gel batteries are detailed under:

Long Standby Time and Higher Energy

Narada has series of gel batteries and each one is efficient in storing charge and giving high energy output. One of the major advantages of these Solar Batteries are their long standby time making them an ideal choice for users. Even in the worse climate conditions, their performance remains unaffected.

Flame Safety Assured

The manufacturers have taken every possible measure to ensure safety in the case of these gel batteries. The flame safety is ensured with a pressure relief valve that works automatically to maintain an adequate pressure. The centralized venting also helps in this case to avoid any unpleasant situation caused by the battery.

Developed on Eco-friendly Standards

The company has a history of its renewable energy products which don’t have a negative impact on environment. The Narada gel batteries are developed to comply eco-friendly standards and considered safe for our environment.

Patent Terminal Sealing

The terminals in Narada polymer gel batteries are patently sealed to avoid any leakage or spillage. Keeping them tidy, it will also help to avoid any danger or damage which are caused by leakage or spillage function.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Generally, Narada batteries are easy to install and their maintenance is not a big deal. The polymer gel batteries are not a different case and that is why these batteries are preferred by solar consumers and companies for their solar solutions.

Longevity of More Than a Decade

The Narada gel batters are designed for a longer life span. Featuring 12+ years of service life, these batteries make a smart option for solar systems. Keeping their wholesome benefits in view, Narada batteries are users’ top choice for solar systems. With above mentioned highlights and key features, Narada batteries prices in Pakistan are reasonable.

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