Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries in Pakistan

High Performance, Efficient & High-quality solar batteries

For efficient utilization of solar power, batteries are integrated with solar systems as they provide backup when required. Ideal for off-grid system, these batteries maximize the solar usage and stores power harnessed from sunlight to cater the energy needs. Equally suitable for a grid-tied solar system, battery prevents excessive power from getting wasted. Moreover, if you have turned on the Net Metering Facility, this un-utilized solar power can be sold back to the grid. Premier Energy believes in high performance, efficient solar batteries which can endure extreme weather conditions. Our solar systems feature international standard equipment and batteries are one of the components selected after complete testing.

Solar Batteries in Pakistan

Solar Battery Price in Pakistan

High Performance, Efficient & High-quality solar batteries

A number of solar batteries of different brands are featured in the solar systems in Pakistan and their prices differ as per capacity and technology. Premier Energy is aimed at providing cost-effective and economical solar solutions to clients of all sectors. So it adds affordable, reasonably priced batteries to keep the solar system economical and in the budget limit of all and sundry.

Solar Batteries in Premier Energy Solar Systems

High Performance, Efficient & High-quality solar batteries

Premier Energy offers solar batteries of the following two brands in its solar systems. These brands have been selected after analyzing the cost and performance efficiency of their batteries.

  • Outdo Solar Batteries

Outdo batteries are rated as world’s best technology deep cycle gel storage battery. With different storing capacities, these gel batteries are eco-friendly and have no adverse impact on the environment. With a longer lifespan, these batteries can deliver super performance in low and high temperatures and withstand weather severity. With advanced technology and durable design, Outdo Batteries prevent any sort of leakage or spillage. Highly conductive and perfectly insulated, it has stable characteristics and an enhanced service life. Their digital screen monitors the charge status in real time.

  • Narada Solar Batteries

The leading battery manufacturers of the world, Narada Solar Batteries are very popular and widely used in solar systems. With a series of renewable energy products to its name, Narada polymer gel batteries have high charge storing capacity and tend to perform much better than traditional counterparts. Designed to deliver an efficient performance, these batteries feature best gel technology and retain their performance in extreme weather situations. With easy installation and maintenance, these batteries are safest to use with patent terminal sealing. Developed for a longer run, these batteries are given an added layer of protection to avoid leakage or spillage.

Before you select a battery for your solar system, you must check its price, charge capacity and longevity first. Premier Energy has given this option to its clients who can choose battery out of these two brands which will be integrated with their solar systems. Premier Energy has given this option to its clients who can choose battery out of these two brands which will be integrated with their solar systems.

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