Solar Tubewell

Solar Tube Wells in Pakistan

Solar Tubewell in Pakistan

The agricultural sector has the biggest share in Pakistan’s economy and a large part of our population belongs to it. As the country is still deficient in electricity production, power cuts are a routine case in rural areas. 12 to 15 percent of the electricity country produces is consumed by villages mainly for running tube wells. The high frequency of load-shedding as compared to the cities worsens the situation in these regions. It becomes problematic for farmers to water their fields on time for the production of crops in such a scenario. This is why Premier Energy has introduced the concept of solar tube wells in Pakistan. These tube wells are connected with solar panel systems that power them so these tube wells can be used for as long as required. This arrangement allows the farmers to water their crops without any interruptions and collectively benefits the nation with greater yield and profit.

Easy Financing for Premier Solar Tube Wells

Solar Tubewell Cost in Pakistan

Our farmers don’t have that much financial capacity to get these tube wells installed on their own in lump sum payment. Premier Energy has kept this factor in mind and partnered with Zarai Taraqiyati Bank Limited to facilitate them with Easy Financing for Premier’s agriculture solutions. Now farmers and landowners can get these solar systems installed without being on their wit’s end. Premier Energy will help you throughout the process to attain financing.

Budget Friendly Investment for Long Term

Solar Water Pumps in Pakistan

Solar tube well prices in Pakistan are reasonable depending upon their performance capacity and specifications. With ZTBL’s financing program, it becomes a more budgeted option for farmers which will be easy on their pockets. However, it will benefit farmers in the long term in many ways. Premier Energy not only helps you in getting a solar panel system for your tube well but also relaxes you by taking the worry of high electricity bills off your mind.

Less Dependency on Grid Electricity, Zero Bill

Solar Water Pump Price in Pakistan

With the installation of solar tube wells, there will be less dependency on grid electricity which will be a sigh of relief for farmers. As electricity tariff increases after certain intervals, it will have a minimal or no effect on these farmers. The electricity bills will end up in zero for their agricultural purposes. This is a win-win situation for farmers and landowners as the electricity bills have dropped down to zero while their crops are blooming more than before.

Uninterrupted Power Supply and Timely Production of Corps

Solar Pump Price in Pakistan

By Premier solar tube wells, the uninterrupted power supply to water the fields is ensured. The fear of power cut which is prevalent in villages will get eliminated. Consequently, farmers will reap the benefits by watering their crops on time during production. As the whole country is dependent on these crops, they will be available on time once harvested. On a bigger picture, it will not only be helping the farmers by timely irrigation of crops but shall also reap benefits for the whole nation. The better crops gained through regular watering will increase exports and have a very profitable impact on the country’s economy.

Highly Reliable and Guaranteed

Solar Tubewell Price in Pakistan

The reduced or zero risk factor increases the viability and demand of these solar tube wells. It makes them more reliable and a perfect choice to serve the purpose for years. Moreover, their performance efficiency is guaranteed and this Agricultural Solar Solution comes with a warranty. Cost-effective and designed to deliver excellent performance, Premier solar tube wells are just what our farmers require.

Thinking about Going Solar? Say Goodbye to Load Shedding

Get Electricity Bills Up to Zero or Even Negative with Premier Energy.