Solar Power Plants

Solar Power Plants in Pakistan

Mega Solar Power Plants

It has been years since our country is facing energy crisis and load-shedding still persists in many regions nationwide. To overcome this challenging situation and power deficiency, we have to lower our dependency on traditional patterns of generating electricity. For clean and renewable energy, solar power plants in Pakistan have emerged as the best alternative. The conventional sourced power, generators and expensive UPS Systems are not much affordable, so solar energy is the most viable option we have. The general public has already suffered a lot from increased electricity tariff and power cuts so some large-scale solar power plants need to be established in Pakistan.

Mega Solar Power Plants in Pakistan

Mega Solar Power Plants

After evaluating the situation and considering the benefits of solar energy, some major initiatives have been taken recently by recent governments. Quaid-e- Azam Solar Park of 1000MW in Bahawalpur was first in this series followed by another project of 50MW in the same city which is under development. A 150MW project is in the making in the Sindh province and one plant in megawatt is proposed for Kasur as well. Some solar projects with public-private partnership and with cooperation of China are also in the pipeline.

Why Solar Power Plants are Ideal for Pakistan

Mega Solar Power Plants

For many reasons, solar power plants are an ideal choice in the country as a replacement to conventional power generation. Here are those reasons explained below.

  • Cost and Performance Efficiency

The budget is always key and influences any selection no matter what you are going to buy. The solar system is established with solar PV plates which have lower prices globally. Moreover, it is complemented by performance efficiency as well.

  • Suitable Climate Conditions

According to an estimation, Pakistan receives 2MW/m2 radiation and 3000 hours of sunlight annually. Our country is blessed with sunlight throughout the year and ideal for harnessing this power to generate electricity.

  • Eco-friendly

The protection of our planet and environment has prime significance and it is only possible by saving it from harmful effects. Solar energy is clean and eco-friendly that fits best in this scenario. With no adverse effect, this green energy source ensures safety of environment.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

Mega Solar Power Plants

As these solar power plants generate energy to cater and comply different needs, they provide uninterrupted power supply. These power plants are independent in electricity production and utilization; hence no power cuts are guaranteed.

Premier Energy Solar Power Plants

Mega Solar Power Plants

Premier Energy has a diversified project portfolio in all sectors. We have successfully delivered a number of MW projects to the industrial sector in different cities and steadfast to expand the green energy bandwagon. We provide state of the art Solar Solutions which feature international standard equipment to produce best results in even worse climate conditions. Premier Energy has tendency to install even higher capacity power plants as we have brilliant brains and hardworking individuals in our team. The after sales service ensures client satisfaction as we develop a long-term relationship with them which doesn’t end on system installation.

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