Solar Energy in Pakistan

Solar Energy in Pakistan

Solar Energy in Pakistan

Solar Energy in Pakistan started trending and people began switching to Solar Energy in Pakistan because of its overwhelming benefits. Solar Energy in Pakistan is a renewable energy source and not just any, but the cheapest and most viable source of green energy. In the 1960s, the Bell laboratories developed the world’s first solar panel and utilized solar energy to produce current. Since then, solar technology evolved by leaps and bounds, ultimately reaching the stage we see today. Solar energy has revolutionized the whole concept of energy production, developing a new perspective on controlling the deteriorating environmental conditions of the Earth. Initially, Pakistan did not put enough effort into utilizing this free energy however, today, both the government and people have realized the importance of solar energy in Pakistan. This realization has led to increasing investment in solar energy that has helped the country to counter its energy crises with a better approach.

Energy Crises in Pakistan

Pakistan has faced years of energy crises, including high electricity rates and a shortage of electricity. It is the result of increased investment in oil and fossil fuel power plants instead of renewable energy power plants. For a long time, until the recognition of the importance of green energy production, the industries, businesses, domestic, agricultural, and every other sector faced the consequences in the form of load shedding and sky-high electricity bills. These circumstances were equal to crippling the economy of the country, and every area suffered from the increasing energy crises.

Potential of Solar Energy in Pakistan

Fortunately, Pakistan is geographically located in a region that has plentiful renewable energy resources. Not just solar energy, but with other resources as well. Pakistan receives an exceptional amount of sunlight every day, which is enough to fulfill the country’s total electricity demand. The mean solar radiation intensity that the country receives each month remains 136.05 to 287.36 W/m2 in the country. Cherat receives the lowermost solar insolation 76.49 W/m2 during December, and Gilgit receives the highest solar radiation intensity of 339.25 W/m2.

The results indicate that the values of solar radiation intensity greater than 200 W per m2 were witnessed in the months: February to October in Sindh, March to October in almost all areas of Baluchistan, April to September in NWFP, Northern Areas, and Kashmir regions while March to October in the province of Punjab. For 10 hours a day, typical solar radiation intensity ranges from 1500 W/m2 per day to 2750 W/m2 a day in Pakistan, particularly in southern Punjab, Sindh, and Baluchistan all over the year.

Importance of Solar Energy in Pakistan

The energy crises and environmental conditions have deteriorated to an extreme, and the only viable solution seems to be switching to renewable energy. Solar energy is the best among all the renewable sources because of the following reasons:

• Sunlight is infinitely available to us
• Utilization of the Sun’s energy does not require massive constructions and as one can install it on the rooftop
• In addition to the government, the citizens can also afford solar panel systems

Pakistan can tackle its electricity and environmental issues by using solar energy and making it easier for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors to get solar panel systems. The importance of solar energy in Pakistan can be gauged by the government’s decision to build a solar park named “Quaid e Azam Solar Park” to give an annual output of 1530 GWh. Similarly, people have recognized the importance of switching to solar energy, and many of them are deciding to utilize the immense power of the Sun to power their homes, industries, and businesses.

The Net Metering has allowed the public to share the benefits of their solar panel systems with others, which have shown the greater significance of this reliable source of electricity. The communal effects of solar energy via net metering has enabled people to provide electricity for other users and reap benefits while providing others with electricity. It will not only help reduce the carbon footprints and reduce the toll on the national grid but will also help Pakistan grow economically and environmentally.

Premier Energy’s Role in Promoting the Solar Energy

Solar Energy in Pakistan

Premier Group has a successful business in other domains in more than six countries but the CEO of Premier Group, Mr. Shokat Mobarak founded the company in Pakistan intending to revolutionize the energy sector in Pakistan and a vision to illuminate lives through renewable energy. Premier Energy has always put mission over profit and has helped many people go solar by providing them with the top quality at the most reasonable prices. Premier Energy, since its establishment, has worked hard to make people recognize the importance of solar energy by conducting various seminars, campaigns, and the “Green Brigade Movement”.

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