Solar UPS

Solar UPS in Pakistan

Solar UPS

The energy crisis in the country made UPS a crucial need of every home and office. The record sale and import were observed in the last few years. Knowing the economic condition of Pakistani customers. Premier Energy introduced solar UPS due to its distinguishing features, i.e. low-cost, high performance, and less maintenance. Above all, the solar systems successfully integrated with the traditional UPS and don’t cost heavy on your pocket. The configuration of UPS solar systems includes solar panel, charge controller, and UPS batteries.

Types of Solar UPS

Solar UPS System in Pakistan

Here are the four types of solar UPS available in Pakistan and offered by Premier Energy.

700VA UPS System

300 Watt solar panel is used in the configuration.
20A charge collector efficiently collects charge current from solar panels.
Capable of supporting 2 fans and 2 energy savers.
49,000PKR is the cost of the system.
1kVA UPS System

Utilizes 500 Watt solar panel.

30A charge controller is used for the collection of high current.
Easily runs 3 fans and 3 energy savers.
89, 00 is the cost of the system including equipment and installation cost.
2kVA UPS System

2kVA UPS System

1000 Watt solar panel is required for this system.
60A charge controller.
5 fans, 5 energy savers, and 1 LCD TV can smoothly consume the electricity.
16800 PKR is the price of the amazing system.
3kVa UPS System

3kVa UPS System

1600 Watt solar panel integrates into the system.
60A charge controller is required for 3Kva UPS system.
You can switch on 6 fans, 10 energy savers, and 1 LCD TV.

Solar UPS in Pakistan

Solar UPS

All the above-mentioned types of solar UPS give pure sine wave inverter with the auto restart option during recovery. Contact Us to inform us about your requirement and get experts’ suggestions.

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