Solar Companies in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Solar Companies in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

List of Solar Energy Companies in Rawalpindi

Bahria town Rawalpindi is one of the most ideal locations to live in Rawalpindi mainly because of the facilities including the ease of electricity and no load shedding. However, getting rid of load shedding is not everything since it amounts to a high electricity bill. Especially, with the current hike in the electricity prices, it is becoming more and more difficult for people to pay their electricity bills.

Save on Your Next Bill

For this reason, even in Bahria town, where there is no load shedding, solar technology is getting recognized. The reason simply being that it helps you lower your electricity bill so much that it can drop to zero under certain circumstances. If you are one of the people who want to protect themselves against increasing electricity prices, should go for solar. There are many solar companies in Bahria town Rawalpindi but choosing the right solar energy company in Bahria town Rawalpindi is all that makes a difference.

    High Electric Bills?

    GO SOLAR with Best Solar Company in Bahria Town Rawalpindi

    Best Solar Company in Rawalpindi
    Solar Companies in Bahria Town Rawalpindi
    • Premier Energy
    • Soherwardi Engineering solutions
    • Solar Energy
    • Sharif International
    • SEEE Solutions
    Premier Energy Pvt ltd

    Among top Solar Companies in Pakistan, Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd is the leading Solar Company in Pakistan with a vast network spread over the United Kingdom, China, Hongkong, and Pakistan. Premier group initiated its services in Pakistan in the year 2013 expanding rapidly with many customers in both the domestic and industrial sectors. Over time, Premier Energy has partnered with tier 1 brands of solar products to offer the best Solar Solutions at an affordable price to fulfill their aim of making Pakistan is independent in energy generation by revolutionizing the energy sector. GO for SOLAR with Best Solar Company in Pakistan. We are a certified company authorized by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications. We work round the clock to provide you with ease and take all the responsibilities. We handle all the procedures from net metering applications to the installation of the solar system, so you just sit back, relax, and see things happen most proficiently. We have 14% of shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan, which is a massive number. We also have completed multiple projects of 1 MW and more capacities and smaller residential projects of lesser capacities. It does not matter if your project is big or small, for us, all our customers matter the most. Happy clients are proof of how dependable service is and by the grace of Almighty, we have an enormous number of happy customers that have led us to expand our services to 33 cities. Our clientele includes many residential consumers and renowned brands belonging to industrial, commercial, and educational sectors. Compare the prices, and you will find that we offer the finest quality at the most affordable price, so more people can afford to go solar.

    Area of Operations

    Premier Energy has been dealing with residential and industrial projects with equal importance and attention which has led the company to expand to more than 35 cities in Pakistan. To complete its goal of independent Pakistan in energy generation, the company has completed a huge list of Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and agricultural projects. With the biggest project of 4MW, Premier Energy has completed many industrial projects of more than 1MW and countless domestic projects of various capacities. Last but not the least, they even provide solar panel systems for water pumps in the agricultural sector and solar street light systems as well.

    Customer Support and Maintenance

    Premier Energy offers quick and very helpful customer service. The diligent staff is always available to assist regular and potential customers. The company offers a free quote facility for any kind of customer. It also offers long term support and maintenance facilities to its clientele showing they do not forget their customers after solar system installation.

    Net Metering

    Being the AEDB certified V1 supplier of Solar Solutions, the company has more than 14% shares in the total KWs Net-Metered in Pakistan. They provide extensive solar net metering facilities which include the preparation of documents, application fulfillment, net-metered system installation, and everything in between.


    Following State Bank of Pakistan’s Solar Financing Program, Premier Energy offers assistance in the whole process from application preparation, submission and installation so you can stay worry-free while they handle everything.

    Soherwardi Engineering Solutions

    An engineering company that has also started to offer solar solutions in Rawalpindi. It is one of the top known solar energy companies in Bahria town Rawalpindi. Their products are really good and they offer quality solutions. They usually offer agricultural and residential solutions locally. They excel in engineering solutions and have started giving solar services. Just ensure they fulfill the criteria above.

    Solar Energy

    Solar Energy dedicated in providing hassle free, energy efficient and cost-effective solutions to Housing Authorities, individual owners and small businesses. Solar energy has achieved commendable success in commercial sector of Rawalpindi. They usually offer commercial solar solutions. Seeing their reviews will give you a better idea of what you can expect.

    Sharif International

    One of the most renowned solar system companies in Bahria Town Rawalpindi, Sharif international offers quality solar solutions whether they are solar tubewells in agriculture sector or solar street lights in residential sector. They usually offer agricultural, residential and commercial solar solutions. They provide net metering services. Their market reputation is good and you can get better insight by looking for information for them.

    SEEE Solutions

    It is one of another local solar company in Bahria town Rawalpindi providing solar solutions in the city and about. They offer solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. They have a diversified range of products and services with proven expertise for a company of a local stature. They also offer Solar Energy Financing, Solar System Optimization, Solar Project Upgradation, Solar Energy System Designing, Net Metering, Bio Generator and Fertilizer Plant, Solar Water Pumping Solutions for Agriculture and Irrigation, Solar Household System, Solar Wind/Tribu

    Premier Energy being the Best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan has got you covered with its other cost-effective Solar Systems in Pakistan so you can conveniently switch to solar energy and gain energy independence. Now you can get the best Solar Panels in Pakistan and Solar Inverters in Pakistan from top-rated global manufacturers without any hassle. Going solar was never this easy and profitable. We are offering inexpensive Solar System Price in Pakistanwhich includes top-quality products, and a Solar Panel Price in Pakistanwhich is not a burden on your pocketDealing with the best inverters, our Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan makes it the most budget-friendly investmentThrough SBP’s Solar Financing scheme, we can facilitate our customers to purchase a solar power system in Pakistan on easy monthly installments. We provide a Net Metering System in Pakistan to let you save and sell back excess electricity to the grid. Find the latest details regarding Solar Packages in Pakistan.

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