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Best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan

Best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan among Solar Companies in Lahore offers Solar System in Lahore, Get rid of high electricity bills and save money. We have also joined the ranks of the top Solar Companies in Islamabad offering most affordable Solar System in Islamabad, say Goodbye to Load shedding. Go for SOLAR with Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd.

Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd has emerged as the fastest-growing Solar Company in Pakistan among Solar Companies in Lahore offering Solar System in Lahore. We have also joined the ranks of the top Solar Companies in Islamabad offering most affordable and effective Solar System in Islamabad. We are the Best Solar System Company in Pakistan offers Solar System in Pakistan.  No.1 among Best Solar System Companies in Pakistan, we offer Solar Energy in Pakistan. By harnessing solar power, we offer cost-effective Solar Solution in Pakistan for Domestic, Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural sectors. We envision a brighter and better tomorrow for our future generations. We are determined in making Pakistan self-sufficient in its energy generation.

Go Solar Pakistan with the best Solar Energy Company in Pakistan among Solar Energy Companies in Pakistan provides Solar Energy Solutions in Pakistan. Solar is now becoming essential requirement due to heavy load shedding. Our extensive product range, seamless installations and diverse project portfolio have earned us market leader status in no time. With Net Metering facility, our clients have the option to turn on smart utilization of energy generated through their solar panels. Go for Solar with Solar Panel Company in Pakistan for our coming generations by revolutionizing the energy sector. We believe in mutual growth of our clients and our dear homeland, Pakistan.

Cost Effective & Energy Efficient Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Premier Energy provides the best Solar Energy Solution in Pakistan to reduce your electricity bills down to zero. Get in touch to install the most energy efficient and affordable Premier Energy's Turnkey Solar Solution in Pakistan.

Residential Solar Solutions

We are dedicated in providing residential solar solutions in Pakistan. Say Yes to Solar and No to conventional energy to decrease grid dependency.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Solar Solutions to various commercial units such as Hospitals, Schools, Offices, Renowned Companies and organizations of Pakistan.

Industrial Solar Solutions

Premier Energy holds the record of installing in one of the world's largest Grid Tied Solar Power Plant for Hosiery Manufacturer in Pakistan.

Agricultural Solar Solutions

Premier Energy have developed world’s most precise, cost effective and energy efficient Solar Water Tubewells across Pakistan.

Why Go Solar?

With eight to nine hours of sunshine per day, the climatic conditions in Pakistan are ideal for solar power generation. In addition there are some other factors for Solar to become the most reliable, innovative, durable, cost-effective and sustainable form of energy in Pakistan.

Decreasing Global Prices of Solar Technology

Solar electricity has fallen in cost faster than predicted. Over the past few years the Global prices for photovoltaic technology have decreased making solar all the more Affordable.

Successful implementation of Net Metering

Another phenomenal game-changer for the solar market is the successful implementation of net metering. Through Net Metering System we can SAVE – GENERATE – EARN.

Ideal Payback Period

As a result of decreasing cost of solar technology and the implementation of rich net metering, the payback period has also reduced considerably, making solar an ideal investment. Get your ROI in 5 years and reap the benefits for many more years to come.

Our Core Values

What Defines Us

Customer Focused

We are a customer-focused service because, for us, you matter. We came in the industry with a dream to achieve energy independent Pakistan and it cannot be fulfilled without our valued customers. We pay utmost attention to customer contentment as your satisfaction is the measure of our quality.

Winning With Integrity

“Honesty is the best policy”, learned that in school and applied it in life. Our organization believes in providing the customers with the best services possible because we deeply care about customer satisfaction. We maintain a consistent moral code and performance criteria so our customers can have the best experience from start till the end.

Innovation And Entrepreneurship

Technology never remains the same; it keeps on changing with time. Every day a new development in technology occurs which makes significant changes in our lives. We keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and tech in the market to provide the most innovative and modern solar solutions to our customers.

Respect And Openness

We are flexible at sharing information with our clients and customers that benefits them in plenty of ways. We are always open to suggestions and remarks from our customers, so they are not only served well until satisfied, but they also feel heard.

Ensuring Growth

Instead of getting stuck in one place, we constantly strive to become a better version of ourselves, and it is never possible without the trust of our customers, which they put in us because of our superior services. We believe in the collective growth of our customers, our nation, and our organization because together we can end the energy crises in Pakistan.

What We Can Do

Some of Our Services
Premier Energy Turnkey Solar Solutions in Pakistan

Premier Energy provides turnkey Solar Solutions for all your energy problems. We handle everything from helping you decide the system that fits your needs to the installation of the system to be fully available for your use. All you have to do is to call us and relax, let us handle everything until it is done up to your satisfaction.

Net metering allows you to supply excess electricity to the utility grid and so this takes the burden off the grid and lets you earn passive income on the supplied electricity. We handle all the processes of Net Metering including documentation, application, and installation so you don’t have to go through any hassle.

Sun is a humongous source of energy that is never going to end at least for many centuries to come. Utilizing the sun’s immense, renewable, and inexpensive power we can Conserve Energy and our environment and increase the economic growth of our nation, ultimately leading to happier lives and a brighter future.

We offer the best services at a pocket-friendly price; however, the best thing is that we do not stop here. Our experienced and skilled technicians are available to provide you with top-notch maintenance and after-sales services so you always enjoy optimum production and reap maximum benefits from your investment in a cleaner, greener, Pakistan.

Projects Portfolio

Residential - Commercial - Industrial

35 KW Grid Tied Solar System

Residence: Saigol’s Family

Location: Lahore 

Residential Projects

Premier Energy has completed a tremendous list of residential projects of various magnitudes. We provide Grid Tie Solar System in Pakistan with all the help to install Net Metering mechanism. We also offer cost-effective, innovative and efficient Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan and Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan.

64 KW Grid Tied Solar System

Company: Paramount Distributors

Location: Lahore 

Commercial Projects

Premier Energy has achieved commendable success in the commercial sector providing efficacious Hybrid Solar System in Pakistan to various commercial units like hospitals, schools, and offices. On-grid Solar System in Pakistan and Off-Grid Solar System in Pakistan are also offered along with rich implementation of net metering.

2 MW Grid Tied Solar System

Industry: Interloop Limited

Location: Faisalabad

Industrial Projects

Premier Energy holds the record of installing the first and second-largest Grid Tie Solar System in Pakistan for the Textile Sector of Pakistan. Premier Energy (Pvt) Ltd has installed state of the art Grid Tie Solar System at industrial giants of Pakistan while also helping them get their successful implementation of Net Metering System.

Our Strong Network of Business Partners

Premier Energy believes in providing its customers with superior quality solutions, therefore all major equipment is imported from tier one companies across the globe.

    Thinking about Going Solar? Say Goodbye to Load Shedding

    Get Electricity Bills Up to Zero or Even Negative with Premier Energy.