SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower Solar Panels in Pakistan

SunPower is considered leader of the solar industry for featuring most advanced technology solar panels. The company has a remarkable history in solar innovations since it was established in 1985 and delivers the best solar systems. Unarguably, their solar panels are most efficient in performance among all tier-one counterparts available in the market today. Durable, resilient and size-efficient, SunPower solar panels in Pakistan have a relatively high demand. By offering industry-leading warranty, SunPower is the preferred choice of solar consumers across the globe. Following is a quick review of SunPower solar panels and their salient features which make them standout in the competition.

Types of SunPower Solar Panels

SunPower offers a variety of solar panels with different technical specs and each of them is categorized under a specific series. Developed on the basis of high-end technology, each of SunPower solar module gives optimized performance.

SunPower Solar Panels Performance Efficiency

The streamline designs and finest quality of SunPower solar panels are unparalleled and yield maximum power outputs. When it comes to performance efficiency, SunPower solar panels are far ahead of their competitors. The efficiency rate of these Solar Panels ranges from 16.5% to 22.8% on average. Even after completing 25 years, the performance won’t get affected much and 92% output is guaranteed then.

SunPower Solar Panels’ Reliability and Size-Efficiency

The cutting-edge technology of SunPower solar modules enables ample power production with fewer panels. It increases their size-efficiency and make them more suitable for residential or commercial sector. These panels are said to be most reliable ones as the company claims that their panel failure rate is almost zero. Even in the largest solar projects, the risk factor will be minimal if you have selected SunPower modules.

SunPower Solar Panels Warranty

With 25 year performance and 25 year manufacturing warranty, SunPower has complete confidence in solar panels it manufactures.  No other brand is offering this long-term warranty and that too on entire solar system. SunPower solar panels have average longevity of 40 years which makes them a fruitful, long-term investment. Even in this long span, their performance remains impeccable throughout. Keeping the highest performance efficiency in mind, SunPower solar panels prices are quite affordable. As the company offers different modules in its four series, their prices vary in accordance with technical specs and power outputs.