Solar panel technology has evolved by leaps and bounds since they made their debut in the 1960s at bell laboratories. Today whenever the name solar panel or solar systems are mentioned, a big bluish plate on a rooftop or in a desert comes to our mind. This is because these technologies have now been in the market for a long time and are trending even more every day. However, new solar technology has advanced a lot, and they are mind-blowing as well. Some of the latest techs have reached the market, and some of them are still under testing but one thing is sure from this, the future holds eye-opening developments in solar energy that will revolutionize the whole idea of energy generation. Premier Energy is keen to bring the latest technology to Pakistan as it has always does in the past so we can revolutionize the energy sector in Pakistan.


We have collected some latest technologies in solar energy and presented them in this blog, which is not only interesting but gives you a glimpse of what the future will be like. Following are the worth mentioning technologies in the field of solar:

  1. Floating solar farms
  2. Solar Skins
  3. Solar Fabric
  4. Solar Roads
  5. Bifacial Solar Panels
  6. Space Solar
  7. Magnesium Chloride
Floating Solar Farms

These floating solar farms are a reality now and have been installed at various locations. These floating photovoltaic panels are often called “floatovoltaic”. These wafting panels have proved more beneficial than the regular solar panels in the following ways:

  • They produce almost 10% more electricity
  • They cover the water thus, preventing loss through evaporation
  • The water provides a cooling effect, which reduces energy loss due to heat
  • They also prevent the formation of algae helping cut cost spent on water treatment
Solar Skins

The solar skins are solar panels designed to give a specific texture and color that matches with the place they are installed at. For example, a rooftop solar panels system will give the texture of the roof and will be camouflaged upon seeing from the distance. This technology is under development as experiments are being conducted to increase the efficiency of the panels. Upon development these will provide a new perspective on the energy generation system of the world.

Solar Fabric

It is just what the name suggests. These are fabrics that produce electricity from solar energy. For a second, it sounds unbelievable, right? However, canopies made up of solar clothes are in use at various Parking lots in the US. They are also embedded in winter coats and other winter garments that help you stay warmer in the cold season, and you can charge your phone through them. There are many areas where researchers are trying to combine fabric with solar panels, these include but are not limited to:

  • Building facades which can generate electricity and provide shade
  • Canopies that render electricity to streetlights
  • Drapes that produce electricity to cut power from the grid
Solar Roads

The solar roads refer to solar technology combined with roads so they can produce energy while bearing the weight of cars and trucks. These are a new technology that is under testing and has been utilized on the footpaths of America’s famous Route 66. These roads can generate electricity and use it to light the streetlamps at night. These panels also have the thermal capacity to melt the snow off the roads. The technology has not yet developed to such an extent that it can be mass-produced and used.

While the technology is being tested, there are still many hurdles that are hindering the way for this tech to become a reality. The obstacles are as follows:

  • They are very costly, and only replacing the roadways with the prototypes can cost trillions of dollars
  • Cars and trucks are heavy, so these roads need to be highly durable
  • Even if the durability problem is solved, the glassy road will not be the best option to drive during the rainstorm
  • The solar panels are usually oriented to capture maximum sunlight however, the solar roads have to lie flat, which won’t give maximum production

Compared to the US, China has achieved better results in its solar roadways experimentation.

Bifacial Solar Panels

The bifacial solar panels can generate electricity from both the front and the rear sides of the solar panels. The reason is that the rear side is made up of an AI grid or AI fingers that makes it transparent thus, allowing them to make electricity from the reflected sunlight. The amount of electricity produced depends on the following factors:

  • The material of the surface from which the sunlight is reflected
  • The weather conditions because if it is cloudy, the bifacial panels won’t be as productive
  • The azimuth angle
Space-Based Solar

This solar technology is a futuristic concept that will use space satellites with solar panels that will capture the Sun’s energy to produce electricity and transmit it to the Earth via special antennas. From there, the electricity will be distributed to the users. This concept, if proved successful, can utilize 99% of the Sun’s energy as the satellite can always be stationed at the optimum position. This tech may take years to be achieved, however, China, Japan, and India are investing heavily in this technology.

Use of Magnesium Chloride

The element which is used in the manufacturing of solar panels is expensive Silicon however, the latest tech has decreased the price to a very high extent. The researchers are working on using Magnesium chloride in place of silicon as it is readily available through seawater. This means it will get cheaper and solar technology will be more affordable for the buyers.


Solar technology has evolved a lot, and still, a lot of research is being conducted to find new things that will revolutionize the whole energy production concept in the world. Premier Energy came to being as a revolutionary organization committed to make Pakistan energy independent through revolutionizing the energy sector in Pakistan. We will see many of these advancements in solar tech becoming reality, and some of them will be left as unachievable, the thing which will stay is that the solar energy will be the savior of mankind, and the Earth because it can help us get over environmental degradation and similar phenomenon.

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