Solar System in Peshawar

Solar System in Peshawar

Solar System in Peshawar

Peshawar is the sixth-largest city of Pakistan. It’s an industrialized city that has suffered a decline due to numerous reasons, including energy crises. Peshawar is directly related to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and as a result, an enhancement in the economic activities of the city is expected. The city is endeavoring to regain its industrial glory, and Premier Energy is participating in this revolution by providing the best solar system in Peshawar to help our Pathan brothers become independent in electricity production. The energy revolution in Pakistan. Our solar solutions provide Pashtuns a chance to take maximum benefit of the Sun’s ultimate power so they can overcome the obstacle in their way to a better future.

Solar Financing in Peshawar

Solar financing is an initiative taken by the State Bank of Pakistan to give loans for the solar system to anyone who desires to switch to solar energy for an improved future. Premier Energy, is the leading company among the solar solutions providers, has been awarded Category 1 certification in solar financing. You can get a solar system on installation in Peshawar, and we can help you with everything from the submission of an application to the accomplishment of the project.

Sectors We Provide Solar Solutions in Peshawar

Premier Energy is the finest solar system company in Peshawar, this is because we earned it and our customer gave us the title. We are dealing in all the sectors of Pakistan to provide solar systems and have a long list of clientele from all the sectors. The following are the main areas in Peshawar where we deal:


Solar System in Peshawar that We Provide

Solar System Companies in Peshawar

Premier Energy is a neoteric solar systems provider that improves its services and the systems it delivers, so the clients get only the best return on their investment. We bring the best products from top solar manufacturers in the world. We keep the price low, so there is no burden on the pocket of the customer in going solar. Our solar solutions are:

On-grid Solar System

Grid-tie solar systems work in proximity with the grid station as they use the grid as a virtual battery and store surplus electricity to the utility grid and get back up from the grid if needed. The on-grid solar system does not require batteries to store surplus current and can export excess electricity in exchange for credit units via the net metering system.

Off-grid Solar System

This system is fittest for distant locations, agricultural, and defense installations as it does not require any grid connection. The off-grid solar solution is a battery-based system needing solar batteries that may be costly but deliver backup in case of blackout and load shedding. This system does not support net metering, as there is no connection between the grid and the solar system.

Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system has qualities of both the off-grid and the grid-tie system as it is connected to the grid and the batteries as well. After charging the batteries, it conveys excess electricity to the grid. This system offers backup in case of load shedding and also lets the installation of the net metering system as it is connected with the grid as well. The system is a little costly due to all the apparatus required to give dual operations, but it is the most practical solution among the three.

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