Solar Powered Inventions

When Bell laboratories invented the first solar panel in 1960s, it was a marvel and stirred the quest to start investing resources in research and development of this marvelous technology. We are bound to move towards future and the day by day increase in the solar powered inventions is one of the signs showing our journey towards a technology prone future. Many of these solar powered devices are functional, some are decorative and some are still under development but one thing can be said about all of them that they are creative and show how far Solar Technology has arrived in the recent years. We have shared a blog on the latest solar technologies but they were mostly large-scale projects including solar floating farms, solar roads, solar fabric, space solar tech, etc. This blog consists of the solar inventions of small scale that will revolutionize our day-to-day life in the most subtle yet elaborate way.

Solar Keyboard

In a life full of computers, it is important to invent devices that can evolve the way we work in our offices. Logitech’s solar keyboard is one of such devices that will change the way we work. This keyboard can be charged with sunlight or even artificial light from your office lamp. All you need to do is to plug-in the USB port. You don’t need to worry about learning the keyboard layout as it is exactly the same as that of your regular Mac keyboard. Once fully charged, you can use the keyboard for up to three whole months so you don’t need to worry about charging it if you work in the night shift. Now you can easily offset your carbon footprint by minimizing your electricity usage in the office. The company has used eco-friendly materials to make this device so there is no harm when it is damaged and you need to throw it away.

Solar Camera Strap

This product is available to use but still under development, however, its demand has only been increasing. The solar camera straps are made up of photovoltaic material and can be worn around the neck like a regular camera strap. The clever thing about these straps is that they can produce the current needed to charge the batteries and keep it running while you are out taking photographs. While some cameras require batteries to be popped into a charger others have built-in charging ports to power them directly with a cord. These straps use the latter mechanism to keep your camera charged and up for use till the sun is in the sky.

Solar Backpacks

A solar backpack is one of the inventions that will evolve our daily life in the near future. It can be your best friend if you love travelling or if you are always on the go. You can charge your phone, laptops or other electronic devices through it. The backpack is made up of recycled PET fabric with photovoltaic abilities in the front side. A regular solar backpack can provide up to 4.5 watts which is more than enough to charge your devices. You can also keep a laptop in it and the many compartments in the backpack allow you keep everything in an organized way.

SOLAR Dog House

If you like keeping pets at your place, especially dogs, don’t think that something special for your pet has not been invented. While solar is benefitting everyone, the researchers and innovators thought they should not leave behind the dogs. The solar dog house is one such product that is similar in design and working principles to that of your house’s solar system. Some of the solar dog houses have a solar powered heating and cooling systems to keep man’s best friend happy, healthy in every season while keeping the environment clean and cutting down the carbon emissions. The solar panel is placed on top of the house as it is placed at your rooftop and is connected directly to the fan or heater without any battery backup. Now your pet can enjoy cool air or a warm house even in the most extreme weathers at least until the sun is out.

Solar Blinds

Gone is the time when sunlight falling on all sides of the house throughout the day was a problem. With the invention of solar powered blinds, you will want your house to be drenched in sunlight even during the summers. These blinds are cut in the shape of solar panels and structured in the form of blinds to cover your windows. They can absorb sunlight as regular blinds and produce electricity. These are one of the most revolutionary solar powered inventions and can greatly enhance the energy efficiency of your house. You can also reduce your carbon footprint by a significant percentage. One meter square of solar blinds can produce up to 100W of electricity a day which is enough to power 30 LED bulbs, a smartphone or even a laptop. You can reduce your air conditioner electricity bill cost by up to 30% with these solar powered blinds because of their insulating and productive capabilities.

Solar Powered Bench

Solar powered benches will be the new normal in a few years as they are one of the inventions that have the ability to revolutionize our lives. These solar benches have been at several places in some developed countries. They have a solar panel installed at the top that also acts as a roof to protect from sunlight. There is a battery beneath the sitting area of the bench to store the electricity produced so that it can be used at night. The bench can power the night light, Wi-Fi hotspot, mobile charging ports and an advertisement panel.

The time is not far when these innovative and creative solar powered inventions will be common everywhere as they not have a revolutionary potential but can literally save the world by cutting down the carbon emissions. Whenever you get a chance to make use of one such invention, do not hesitate while investing in it as it doesn’t matter how small the step is, the Impact on Environment can be greater than your imagination.

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