Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar Power in Pakistan started trending and people began switching to Solar Power in Pakistan because of its overwhelming benefits. Pakistan has been facing the energy crises for a past few decades, but few years ago the solar power has an immense potential in Pakistan and it can rise as a potential savior of environment and economy for us. The government and the citizens have realized the importance of utilizing the Sun’s power. Premier Energy is a neoteric organization and the biggest advocate of renewable energy in Pakistan.

Government’s efforts for Solar Power in Pakistan

Energy crises including load shedding, high electricity bills and its degrading effects on the environment has urged the government to make plans and take actions for the stability of electricity production and supply. The best way to end energy crises is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and initiate programs to start switching to solar power. This can not only help the government end energy crises and counter environmental degradation but can also help stabilize the commercial and industrial sectors making the economy strong. The government has taken following steps to promote the use of solar power:

• The Government has approved and started the construction of various solar projects of which the Quaid e Azam Solar Park is so far the largest project. It has an annual energy generation capacity of 1530 GWh.
• The State Bank of Pakistan has initiated a program “SBP Solar Financing” which aims to help people switch to solar by providing them with quick loans on easy installments.
• AEDB has been providing net metering licenses to attract more people to solar energy and not only that but encouraging them to install system of greater capacity so they can sell electricity as well.
• Government offers 50% subsidy to any farmer who installs a solar system on their farm or a solar tube well for irrigation.
• The government has provided 7500 schools with electricity from solar power out of which 2500 had no prior connection to electricity
Government is slowly but steadily increasing their efforts to shift to renewable energy most prominently solar power. This efforts will bear long term results and will allow the country to grow substantially in the coming years.

Benefits of Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar power, without any doubt is the most advantageous form of renewable energy. It has long term social, economic, and environmental benefits which cannot be ignored. The benefits of solar power system are as following:

Individual Benefits

The individual benefits of the solar power are as follows:


Solar power systems provide a reliable supply of electricity either with a grid connection or with batteries. They provide uninterrupted supply of electricity as they can get supplementation from the grid and if you have batteries installed they will provide backup in case of blackout or load shedding.


This is one of the biggest benefit of the grid-tie and hybrid solar system. The Net Metering system provides the option to supply the excess electricity generated by the solar system to the utility grid and gain credits in return that you can use to balance off against your bill.

Better Resale Value of The Property

The properties with installed solar panel systems generate more value in the market because the buyer prefers to use an already installed solar system than to rip it off and get a new one. The investment you make in solar power will never go to waste.

Environmental Advantage

Solar power is the most cherished source of renewable energy that has been trending for decades now. It is very advantageous for the environment as consuming solar energy decreases the usage of fossil fuels that are the prime source of contaminants in the atmosphere. It also helps reduce carbon footprints and thus leads to constructive climate change and lessened global warming.

Social Benefits

The social advantages of the solar panel system lie in its communal effect which means that a solar panel installed by a consumer can benefit up to 2 more houses in one way or another. These benefits are as follows:

Decreased Energy Shortage

The shortage of power supply is a great issue in Pakistan which can be reduced if more of the supply is dependent on abundant solar energy. Similarly, solar system installed at various locations with net metering installed will act as distributed grid systems supplying electricity for others to use.

Load off the Grid

When more people are switching to solar and using the free electricity instead of the grid electricity, there will be less pressure on the grid especially during the day time. This will help in decreasing load shedding and similar issues.

Economic Advantages

The economic advantages of the solar power are as follows:

You’re Bulwark against Rising Prices

The cost of electricity in Pakistan has always been on the rise, while the cost of installing a solar panel system is always going down. The electricity cost will keep on increasing because of the utilization of fossil fuels which are depleting. A solar panel system will provide you free electricity for the next 25 to 30 years of its life thus providing you immunity against hefty bills.

Create Jobs and Help Economy

With the increasing demand of solar power in the country, many solar businesses have opened giving job opportunities to a number of people related to various fields. This has helped take the burden off the government by providing jobs in the market. Similarly the industries switching to solar are less likely to downsize their employees as they are now saving money on electricity bills and can afford more labor.

Premier Energy’s Efforts for Solar Power in Pakistan

Solar Power in Pakistan

Premier Energy realizes that Pakistan, our dear homeland can have the greatest benefits from the drive to switch to solar power. We are making efforts to educate people about the benefits of solar power and making it easier for them to get solar installation by making it affordable to make Pakistan energy independent. We are working hard to pave the way for Pakistan to step on the road to progress by ending its energy crises.

We cannot succeed in our mission without the valued help of our citizens. By switching to solar, you are not only benefitting yourself but many others by taking the burden off the grid, increasing jobs in the market, and many other ways. If our affordable rates are still too much for you, don’t worry, and come to us as we are keen to help people switch to solar under SBP’s Solar Financing scheme.

We are here to illuminate lives, and if you require any information or have any queries, you can call us, send us an email, or have a meeting with our solar power consultant.

Why Premier Energy for Solar Solution in Pakistan?

Pakistan Solar System

Premier Energy is the best solar company in Pakistan, providing excellent solar solutions to its clientele. Investing in solar with Premier Energy will never disappoint you. Besides our aim to achieve mutual benefits for Pakistan and our organization, the following reasons make us the Best Solar Company in Pakistan:

Our Happy Clientele

We have a vast number of happy customers, which has led us to amplify our services to more than 33 cities. Our clientele comprises of many residential consumers as well as leading brands belonging to the industrial, business, and agricultural areas. Some of our satisfied clients are the following notable Industries:

How We Handle Matters?

Solar System in Pakistan

We handle everything from system selection to the installation of a solar system and getting a net meter installed, so you just sit back and see things get done most skillfully. We work 24/7, so everything is done punctually, and you don’t have to wait to receive the profits of your investment.

Market Reputation

With our clientele spread across Pakistan, we have more than 90 MWs of installed capacity. We have completed more than 970 projects within just 7 years of starting our operations. We have 14% of shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan, which is a large number.

Solar system package in Pakistan

Premier Energy gives their services at the most inexpensive Solar System Price in Pakistan, so you always get more profit for a smaller amount.


We are a certified group authorized by the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), and we are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. We also hold the category 1 accreditation under SBP’s revised solar financing program and V1 net metering certificate from AEDB.


You can discuss your solar panel requirement with us and our experts will help you choose a system that will best fit your needs. Our designers are best at designing the whole area and our team will make sure that you have the best experience of your life going solar. Contact us via call, email, or arrange a meeting with one of our sales experts. What are you waiting for? Go solar and get rid of your worries about bills and load shedding.

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