Solar Company in Islamabad

Solar Company in Islamabad

Solar Companies in Islamabad

With the innovation of Solar energy, another period moving towards alternative energy arrangements and the age of clean power began. Pakistan additionally turned into an aspect of this revolution towards renewable energy, and today everyone understands the significance of changing to a sustainable power source. Solar Energy is the most practical and viable source that can change the way the world is powered. Keeping with the latest trends and most recent innovations in solar energy, Premier Energy is the most perceived and trusted Solar Company in Islamabad among top Solar Companies in Islamabad offering Solar System in Islamabad. Our dedication and the positive response from our customers has enabled us to open our office in the cleanest and greenest city of the country.

The Most Advanced Solar Company in Islamabad

Solar Companies in Islamabad

Premier Energy is the most productive solar service provider that is consistently refreshing its services, as indicated by the most recent innovations in the market. Premier Energy has banded together with all the level 1 brands that give the most proficient and dependable items that are the best in the market so, our clients get the best solar panel system in Islamabad. This method goes far, as the nature of the product and the innovation being utilized is the deciding factor for the dependability of the system, and we serve our clients to make their investment in the long term.

The Most Pocket-Friendly Solar Solution in Islamabad

Solar Companies in Islamabad

Premier Energy has partnered with the top Solar producers to bring the best quality at the fairest price, so you get more benefit at less expense. The installation and administration charges are kept least, so more individuals can stand to introduce solar panels. Our costs make us stand out amongst other solar companies in Islamabad.

Net Metering in Islamabad

Net metering is the most helpful element of a solar panel system. Premier Energy has accomplished and kept up the V1 authentication from the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB). This certification is the testimony of our phenomenal services in net metering. We deal with all that must be done to get a net meter added. We handle the entire method from the application to the installation of the meter.

Solar System in Islamabad

Premier Energy is the best solar company in Islamabad and has earned the trust of numerous clients as a result of its excellent services. Managing in the best brands, following productive and high-tech systems are accessible for installations:

  • On-network/Grid-tie Solar System
  • Off-network Solar System
  • Hybrid Solar System

Services We Provide

Solar Companies in Islamabad

We have a long list of administrations that we give and some of them are as following:

Call Maintenance

24/7/365 accessible if the need arises upkeep administration in the event of any grumble.

Physical Inspection

Complete physical review of installed inverters done fortnightly.

Issue Detection

Issue recognition of circuits and breakers that are causing the problem.

Charging and Discharging Status

Estimating charging and releasing the status of batteries to build their strength and life.

Registration of Solar Panels

Registration of sunlight based panels and their mounting structure to ensure everything is set up.

Keeping the Customer Updated

Keeping the client refreshed on the status of the system introduced.

Planning and Financing

Making the most achievable money related designs for the installation of the system.

Streamlining the Productivity

Streamlining the yield of the general sun based controlled system which will eventually give cost productivity.

Cleaning of Solar Panels

Every other month cleaning of sun based panels with a Demineralized Water Pumping system to build the sun based panels’ proficiency and efficiency.

Why Premier Energy for Solar System Installation in Islamabad?

Solar Companies in Islamabad

Premier Energy ventured into the market intending to make Pakistan independent in the generation of clean and green power. We have been attempting to accomplish our objective with unwavering quality, hard work, solidarity, and modernization. Other than our objective to achieve benefits for the country of Pakistan, the following reasons make us the Best Solar Company in Pakistan:


We are a certified organization approved by the Alternative Energy Development Panel (AEDB) and have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 confirmations.

Working Method

We work round-the-clock to comfort you and take all the duties. We supervise all the processes from net metering applications to the installation of the solar system, so you simply kick back and witness things getting done most capably.

Market Reputation

We have 14% of all the shares in total kilowatts net-metered all over Pakistan, which is a colossal number. We likewise have many finished projects of 1 MW and more capacities, as residential projects of smaller capacities, for us, every one of our clients matters the most.

Our Clientele

We have an enormous number of satisfied clients that have driven us to amplify our administrations to 33 cities. Our customers incorporate numerous customers just as distinct brands having a place with residential, business, and industrial sectors.


Analyze the charges, and you will find that we offer exceptional quality at the most reasonable cost so more individuals can stand to go solar.


You can talk about getting your system with us through call, email, or by visiting our workplaces. We are accessible to get you out get your ideal solar panel system in Islamabad. Your trust and administration make us the best solar company in Islamabad.

Thinking about Going Solar? Say Goodbye to Load Shedding

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