Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Fronius Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Fronius On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

Pakistan being a developing nation has long faced the problems related to electricity shortage. For a great period of time, the only way government and public tried to overcome these problems was to increase the combustions of fossil fuels instead of investing in renewable energy. The consequence was an increase in pollution and deterioration of environment to an extent that all the major cities of Pakistan have a bad to dangerous air quality. After a lot of efforts to spread awareness, solar energy has become the people’s number one choice to save energy, money and the environment. Solar systems have many parts which all play important role in the whole process, but solar inverters are crucial to make the systems work. They not only convert DC to AC but also manage the flow of electricity from panels to various other components of the system. Fronius is one of the leading solar inverter manufacturers in the world. Fronius solar inverter price in Pakistan varies a lot because of fluctuations in different aspects. Premier Energy offers the most reasonable cost of Fronius Solar Inverter in Pakistan.

Company Introduction

The Fronius Solar Energy Division has become the quality leader in the global market, and a model of sustainability because of its high-quality products and exceptional services. As the youngest division at Fronius, Solar Energy Division has been researching, developing, and manufacturing innovative photovoltaics solutions since 1992. As a solar pioneer and manufacturer of inverters from day one, they now offer a wide range of products relating to generating, storing, distributing, and consuming energy from renewable sources of which the grid-tie inverters are one.

Factors Affecting Fronius Solar Inverter Price In Pakistan

There are a number of factors which contribute to the fluctuation in the prices of all Solar Products, especially solar inverters. The major factors affecting the solar inverter cost in Pakistan are as follows:

  • The type of the solar inverter
  • The capacity of the inverter
  • The efficiency of the inverter
  • The operation type of the inverter
The Type of The Solar Inverter

The type of the Solar Inverter that you are buying has a direct impact on the Fronius solar inverter rates in Pakistan. The type of the solar inverter depends upon the type of the solar system and it can be of the three following types:

The Capacity Of The Inverter

The Fronius solar inverter cost in Pakistan is also dependent upon the capacity of the inverter which is the measure of its ability to manage a certain amount of electricity. The solar inverter with a greater capacity is more expensive than the one with lesser capacity. For instance, the inverter of one 20 KW inverter is approximately equal to the price of two 10 KW inverters.

The Efficiency Of The Inverter

The efficiency of the inverter also determines the rates of Fronius solar inverter in Pakistan. The reason is that the more efficient an inverter is, the better it will perform and more it will cost. So the price of Fronius solar inverter in Pakistan is higher for the inverters with higher efficiency.

The Operation Type of The Inverter

The type of the inverter based on its operations also decides the Fronius solar inverter prices in Pakistan. The operations types are as following:

  • String Inverters
  • Micro Inverters
Features of Fronius Solar Inverter in Pakistan

With its innovative and latest technology, Fronius solar inverters feature some of the best qualities any inverter can have. The specifications of Fronius solar inverters are:

  • 2 MPPT inputs available to maximize working
  • Can provide 208-240 output
  • Integrated monitoring system
  • Built-in AC and DC connects
  • Wide range of DC input (230-500VDC)
  • Online monitoring system available
  • Display system shows all operations on an LED
  • Maximum efficiency of 98.1%
  • Compact, stylish design for indoor and outdoor operations
  • IP56 & IP66 protection from dust and moisture
  • Transformer-less with regulated cooling allows silent operations
  • Integrated AFCI for increased safety

Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Fronius On-Grid / Grid-Tie Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Fronius Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan vary with the model, specifications, and the capacity of the inverter. Fronius has a wide range of specifications and capacities that fit the individual needs of the consumers. You don’t have to worry about the price if you want to buy the Fronius solar inverter, because Premier Energy has partnered with Fronius to bring to you the same quality for which Fronius is known at a very affordable price. With Premier Energy, you can get the maximum benefits upon the investment you make in the solar panels and inverter system.

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