Axpert Solar Inverters

Axpert Solar Inverters in Pakistan

Solar panel is an integral part of solar system. The power of solar system absolutely depends on the solar panel as it collects sunlight and converts it into other forms of energy. Premier Energy provides solar panels in different sizes to fulfill the requirements of large and small projects. Our solar panels are efficient in working, capable of solving the energy crisis in Pakistan, and beneficial for the users in many ways. Premier Energy aims to provide alternative sources of electricity which produce low-cost electricity and people don’t have to pay heavy bills. Solar System is the best solution of all the above-mentioned problems in Pakistan and the most effective renewable energy source that doesn’t damage the environment as well.


  • Automatic short circuit and overload alerts
  • Absolutely converts DC into AC
  • Various input voltage options for different devices
  • Optimized battery performance with zero power dissipation
  • Easily synchronizes with main voltage
  • Allows Parallel operations and cold start function
  • Remote control panel option
  • Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
  • Handy LCD settings and pure sin wave inverter


The specifications of Axpert Solar Inverter are ideal for every type of environment and weather conditions. 93% efficiency of the battery depicts its high performance ratio while the 140 x 295 x 540 mm dimensions make it suitable for every place. Maximum charge current, maximum PV array current, and maximum charging currents are 30A, 300W, and 60A respectively. Similarly, the transfer time is 10ms for PCs and 20ms for home appliances.


Impressive interface, efficiency, and advancement are the features which have opened the paths of progress for Axpert Solar Systems in Pakistan. The dimensions and weight are suitable for small houses as the majority of Pakistani population accommodates in small homes and flats. No matter whether you are suffering from the suffocation caused by load shedding in your house, facing electricity problem in office or want a non-fluctuating electricity supply during camping, axpert solar inverter answers to your all needs.

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