Premier Energy Leads the Pack Yet Again With Successful Mega Solar Power Plant Installation in the City of Textile!!

Team Premier celebrates the successful installation of 1.18MW grid tied solar power plant at Madinah Group of Industries Faisalabad.

Premier Energy adds multiple successful mega installations to its portfolio. The company is providing energy efficient and cost effective solar solutions across Pakistan, hence bringing down energy generation costs for its clients & adding to the global cause of saving the environment. The city of Textile – Faisalabad now boosts one of the largest grid tied solar solutions powered by Premier Energy.

The groundbreaking project consists of a fine technological blend of New Generation String Inverters and Smart Management Technology to create a fully digitized smart PV solution. Boosting a total of 3582 solar PV modules, with Latest Innovative Cell Technology has tremendously increased Module Power Output and System Reliability. The exceptional module manufacturing & well-engineered system design will allow the production of 1,625,807,600 Wh Per annum. Last but not the least the intelligent string monitoring & fuse-free design will result into Carbon Footprint Reduction up to 800 Tons per annum.

Solar Power Plant in TUF

The Mega Power Plant Is Entitled To Round The Clock After Sales Services Along With Monthly System Checkup Using Modern Technology by Team Premier. Premier Energy & Madinah Group of Industries are Co-Building A Greener Tomorrow For Generations to Come. We Thank Madinah Group for Believing the Power of Green Energy.

A renewable energy solution to save, generate & earn through electricity production is now our necessity. Opting for installation of a solar power plant is one of the Industrialists’ major step towards their contribution to make Pakistan an energy independent state. Keeping in view the existing industrial crisis, CAPEX becomes a major issue for most industrialists. However with the SBP’s Revised Solar Financing Scheme solar is now affordable.

Renewable energy should be considered not just on environmental merits, but as a major saving option as well. It is the need of the hour to realize that climate change is real & climate change is now. We must continue to make collaborative efforts to educate the masses about the immense need of saving our planet. Pakistan experiences an ideal amount of sun light on World Solar Atlas & is blessed with a solar irradiance ratio of more than 5.5 KWh\m2 \Day and thus is one of the most ideal locations on the Planet to harness the power of sun.

1.18 MW in TUF

With the advent of Net Metering, improved renewable energy technology, tax credits, low interest rates and government’s mandate to support green energy, the Industrialists of Pakistan are ready to diversify Pakistan’s energy portfolio by investing in renewable energy solutions.

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