LED Products

LED Products in Pakistan

LED lights in Pakistan are being commonly used by a vast majority for their better performance and appealing visual aesthetic. Their pure and soft light shades illuminate homes, offices, commercial or outdoor spaces whereas higher reflective brightens up the surroundings. The longevity, warranty, and relatively lower cost make them suitable for every household or commercial place. As LED lights are eco-friendly and have no adverse effects on the environment, they are highly recommended. Premier energy offers a wide range of LED lights for different spaces which are available at affordable prices. Following is a brief review of Premier Energy’s LED products line up.

Premier LED Bulbs

Made to deliver higher efficiency, Premier LED bulbs have more brightness in soft and true colors. Crafted for a standard socket, these bulbs are easy to install and will complement modern home settings. Supported with thermal plastic wrap and aluminum cooling design, these LED bulbs are reliable and tested by 100,000 circles turn on and off.

Premier LED Tube Lights

Slim and sleek designed with pleasing aesthetic, Premier LED tube lights have higher energy efficiency rate with more brightness. Equipped with standard G 13 socket, these tube lights can be easily installed in a few seconds. Featuring aluminum fixture body paired with PC cover, Premier’s LED tube lights have increased reliability provided by their finest quality and advanced technology.

Premier LED Downlights

Premier LED downlights are efficient in energy conservation and reflect light up to 95%. Featuring convection heating and isolated driver design, these lights add more brightness to focus a particular area. Strong and durable, they have aluminum body which is completed with reflect light sheet inset the cup.

Premier LED Panel Lamps

Featuring square aesthetic, Premier LED panel lamps are developed using high-quality LED source. Their ultra-thin design gives them a smart visual appeal while their advanced technology conserves more energy. The durable material used in crafting increases their life span and make them a right choice.

Premier LED Spotlights

Premier LED spotlights give best performance with maximum reflectivity near to 95%. The aluminum body ensures their durability and isolated driver design make them reliable to use for longer period of time. Made to meet your lighting needs, Premier LED spotlights are perfect for highlighting a specific area.

Premier LED Floodlights

Available in cool and warm white light shades, Premier LED floodlight is ideal for outdoors. The high quality LED source, anti-glare and anti-UV effect produce pure light. Featuring a strong and sturdy aluminum body, these floodlights are energy efficient as well.

Why Choose Premier LED Lights

Premier LED Lights are developed as per international standards by using high-quality materials and pure LED lighting source. Their payback period is less than six months which is an incredible feat indeed. The designs and aesthetic of Premier LEDs are unmatched and their higher reflectivity adds a distinctive value. Durability is ensured in case of Premier LED Lights and they last for longer duration with efficient performance which increases their reliability. Spare a watt and save a lot by using Premier LED lights.